Meet ECLA’s International Student Advisor, Erin Martinez

As the International Student Advisor, I support new and transfer students through ensuring they have proper documentation to begin their learning adventure at EC Los Angeles. I am originally from the Los Angeles area but my early life was spent growing up in Brazil where I learned to speak Portuguese like a native Brazilian! Being raised in a different culture than my parents made me a “third culture kid” and my life is richer because of it. I returned to United States to complete my secondary education and college education and graduated with a BA in Human Development and Family Science. After college, I had the opportunity to return to Brazil and work with community programs including an orphanage and working with children in the Amazon. These experiences instilled in me a love for other cultures and the desire to work in a global environment. I am excited to be a part of EC Los Angeles’ dynamic team and meeting students from around the world in beautiful Santa Monica! It’s rewarding to know that I am a part of the process that welcomes and allows students to have a life forming experience.

ECLA Goes Skydiving!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly? This Thursday, some of the staff and students are making the trip up to Universal Studios CityWalk Hollywood to find out! iFLY Hollywood is the complete indoor skydiving experience. The vertical wind tunnel simulates a complete free fall – the closest sensation to real human flight possible. The wind speeds can be adjusted to make your flight as mild or as exhilarating as you can handle! But if it sounds intimidating, have no fear, the iFLY Hollywood team is here. Along with a 15 minute orientation session before the flight, the professional instructors are highly trained and with you during the entire flight. Here at EC Los Angeles, new flyers have an added bonus: an indoor skydiving veteran! The Academic Director, Shawn Whelan has been a flyer for almost a year. She is a self-professed flying-addict, and her experience shows. With nothing below her but flowing air, she can do turns & flips, and control how high she goes. This is what she had to say about flying: “iFly is an amazing experience and for some people a- once- in- a- lifetime! It is difficult to describe the feeling of being suspended in mid-air but it’s exhilarating and calming all at the same time!  When your feet touch the Earth once again, you will never be the same!” Some Tips for Flying: Pay attention during the orientation and ask for help! Wear well-fitting, lace-up sneakers, or running shoes. Have fun! All you have to bring with you is a “smile because this will be the most exciting thing you have ever accomplished,” according to iFly. So if you’re ever in the mood for an adventure, iFLY at Universal CityWalk is the place for you! For more information, visit the iFLY Hollywood website … Read more

EC Student Authors!

Hello everyone! Today, in the upper intermediate class, 5 fabulous ladies wrote an amazing short story inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher.” Enjoy!   “Eyes Wide Open” By: Elisabeth, Francesca, Jessica, Selin, Senem It was cold. So cold. the knife he felt was just slashing into him, teacring him apart in the middle of his chest. He was in hell. But why couldn’t they see it? He was in pain, in a pian he never felt before. He couldn’t move, ot even a finger or his eyelids. “STOP IT!” he was screaming inside his head, but nobody heard him. His eyes were wide open and he tried to scream. He failed. Everytime he tried, he failed. It was impossible for him to give any signals becuase he was not able to move his body. His body was frozen as if it were dead, and only his brain and eyes functioned. None of the doctors noticed anything while he was trying to say something with his eyes. They only moved on with the surgery, trying to hammer open his chest. There was blood everywhere. It ran down to the ground and a bittersweet smell of iron was in the air. He couldn’t speak; he couldn’t move. There was just fear and pain in his head. He couldn’t move his body. He wanted to stretch out to the doctor and tell him that he felt everything, but he couldn’t. He thought that if he started to think about palm trees and sand and that he was in the Bahamas on vacation, he wouldn’t feel so much pain. He though about swimming in the ocean. So he slowly walked towards the shore, barely standing, he almost wished to die not to feel that excruciating pain anymore. He … Read more

Introducing ECLA’s Student Services Counselor, Cyril Pascarel

“I am THE person you want to talk to if you need any information about Los Angeles! Before moving to the City of Angels, I lived in Toulouse, France my whole life where I graduated from my business school with a general business major. A few months later, I decided to experience a new life studying ESL in Southern California at first, then studied International Trade and Commerce + Japanese on the UCLA campus. The variety of choices that this place offers definitely suits me the best than anywhere else! When you come live or study in L.A. you get to experience the amazing california sunshine all year long, meet people from all around the world, eat so many different type of foods (yes I am a foodie!) and so on! I forgot to mention, I LOVE MUSIC! I have been a Dj since 2002 and being here allows me to go meet the best artists performing live in front of my eyes… What else can you ask for?! Back in France I was really involved in the Djing movement that I ended up winning the French Dj Championship 2006/2007 in the scratch/turntablism category! Competitiveness is definitely one of my main asset as I always want to do my best so people around me can benefit something out of it. Besides that, I can say that traveling remains my hobby number 1. I got to travel to more than 10 countries within the past 6 years and I am still asking for it. My loves for it comes from the eager to learn about different cultures, languages, food, history etc… I guess that would be the reason why today I am able to communicate in French, English, Spanish and some Japanese! I think you can get my point here when … Read more