What’s the trick to getting candy on Halloween? Just say “Trick or Treat!”   On October 31st each year, hoards of children invade their neighborhoods dressed up in costumes and go door-to-door asking for candy. In exchange for dressing up and saying “Trick or Treat,&#822 … Read more

Farewell Graduates!

EC Los Angeles wishes the best of luck to all the departing students this week. We hope the rest of your journey in life is full of joy and more wonderful experiences. Keep practicing English, and come back to visit soon!

Donut Day

Today our students enjoyed some glazed donuts from Krispy Kreme! The classic American treat was a huge hit and some students were coming back for seconds as they hung out between classes this morning. If there was this much hype over these fluffy little guys, I can’t wait to see how the studen … Read more

Meet a Teacher – Alex Monti Fox!

Alex grew up in New York City on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. When he was 17 he moved to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California where he earned a BA in Humanities with a minor in Cinema/Television Critical Studies. Soon after, he began his teaching career as a Guest Teacher … Read more

Your Weather Forecast for the Week

  Despite the rain that rolled through on Thursday morning, the weather here in sunny SoCal has been just that – sunny. Yesterday was a blazing 91 degrees Fahrenheit in Santa Monica, and it should stay in the mid-80’s for the rest of the week, before it cools down to the mid-70&#821 … Read more

Thanksgiving Activity

This Thanksgiving, we have a very exciting opportunity for our students to visit Yosemite, Santa Barbara and San Francisco, all in one inclusive trip! Get back to nature during your one day tour of the famous Redwood Forests in Yosemite, then enjoy the beaches in Santa Barbara and the unique culture … Read more

ASPIRE to Study Well

ASPIRE is a simple acronym to help you approach studying this weekend! When you aspire to learn, you accomplish your studying goals and you feel the success of your efforts. A is for Approach: Approach studying with a positive, can-do attitude. S is for Scan: Scan through your notes and previous rea … Read more

Take Me to Beverly Hills

So you want to explore Beverly Hills? Here’s a quick guide to the walking tour EC Los Angeles takes through the area! To get to Beverly Hills from school, you take the 720 Metro bus. The bus drops off at Beverly Drive, which has a lot of shops, but I prefer to go on the famous Rodeo. At the corner o … Read more