Thinking about Studying English at EC? Find out what EC Student Kelvin Harivel had to say about his stay at EC !!!

Hey New Student! Welcome to EC Los Angeles! The BEST place to study in the world, you know why? Let me introduce you to the school and this amazing city. About me, I arrived 2 months ago from Paris and this experience changed my life! Firstly the school is very welcoming; it’s the best place to study. The classrooms are so nice, the teachers are the best and you can meet a lot of people from everywhere and share your life and experiences. The classes help you to improve your English, but you have to also put into practice what you learn at school after class. When you finish your class you can do some very interesting activities. You can test each of the fast food present here. You can visit Los Angeles and its different tourist places like Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica, etc. If you have some time you can take a trip to Vegas, San Francisco or San Diego by renting a car and discover another big city. So enjoy your trip, don’t be shy and the most important point: don’t speak your language! Only English here and sun every day! California dreaming: that’s your new life, enjoy it!

ECLA Teacher Feature: Jeanette McNertney

Jeanette is one of ECLA’s awesome teachers!  Learn more about Jeanette here 🙂 “I was born in New Jersey, but at a young age relocated with my family to Buenos Aires, Argentina due to my father’s job.  I learned both English and Spanish simultaneously as a child first learning to speak.  2 years later, again due to my father’s job with an American bank, we moved to Jakarta, Indonesia, where I would spend the next 14 years of my life.  Here I learned the local language, Bahasa Indonesia, except that in turn I forgot my Spanish!  I attended Jakarta International School from kindergarten until senior year.  Many students from around the world attended this school, so the multicultural EC environment is one I have been raised in and feel most comfortable with.  My best friends growing up were Japanese, Australian, Chinese, New Zealander, Canadian and American.  I love being surrounded by people of all nationalities!  During these years abroad, my family and I were fortunate to travel all around Southeast Asia (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines) and Europe. I moved back to the US when I was 18 years old, and like many of you first moving to America, I also experienced culture shock, even though it was my own country!  I went to American University in Washington, DC later transferring to University of New Mexico, and my major was Art History because I love art and writing, so I could put the two together and write about art.  Part of my degree’s requirement was proficiency in a language.  I chose Spanish, and reacquainted myself with the language that was stored somewhere in my subconscious since my time in Argentina!  Also, my parents moved to Bogota, Colombia during this time so I took the opportunity to visit them and study Spanish there.  In … Read more

Cinco de Mayo at ECLA!!

What a day!  Students and staff celebrated a day of feasting on tortilla chips and salsa and Mexican pastries.  What fun!!  Take a look at EC Los Angeles’ Facebook page for all the awesome pictures at