ECLA Teacher Feature: Claudia Aragon!

I was born 110 miles outside of Los Angeles in an almost country/almost desert city called Bakersfield. However, I was quick to leave it to start up a life in Los Angeles via UCLA. After graduating in 2009 with a BA in Psychology, I chose to celebrate with a two-month long vacation to Italy, one that ultimately ended up lasting two years. In my time there, I explored the Amalfi coast, a coastline that I had been traveling to and loving since I was a child, improved upon my Italian, and dabbled in teaching English to Italians.   Now back in LA, to which I have become practically a native, I am also back studying at UCLA, however business this time.  Alongside, I am fortunate to be here at EC teaching English to International students.   EC’s methodology is distinct from other competing schools. Here, the students are taught more than just the knowledge of grammar structures and vocabulary but also, American humor, colloquial expressions that cannot necessarily be translated, and the means by which to navigate across linguistic boundaries. The result is that EC students do not graduate simply feeling more confident in their English abilities; they graduate feeling more fluent in American culture. And in my opinion, what more could ESL students want from a traveling experience abroad in Los Angeles?

Meet ECLA’s Interns from Japan!!

Nozomi and Naoto are our new interns at ECLA! They are two young ambitious university students from Japan. They are here to gain meaningful Business and Business Administrative experiences while exploring the beautiful city of LA!   Intercultural communication, which is my major in Rikkyo university, is so interesting since there is no end to exploring answers and questions. I really liked to watch TV programs which show the landscape and culture all over the world when I was young. Japan is quite far from anywhere, so I dreamed of communicating with people who speaks different languages. Studying abroad in Ireland gave me basic English communication skills. I would like to greatly improve my English, here at ECLA. After I would like to get a job at a Japanese company where I can use my experience and skills. I’m so excited to see the HOLLYWOOD sign since I love movies, especially Science fiction and action films.   My message to future students: I found it great to work with people here. The staffs and teachers are cheerful and helpful. Please don’t hesitate to explore other cultures. We are not here only to study English. We have the best environment ever to experience a lot of different cultures.   Hi all. I’m Naoto Kuwabara, intern of ECLA. I’m very glad to be a member of this company. I’m from Japan and I can speak Japanese and English. I’m currently a university student and I belong to the faculty of economy. My major is finance. During university life, I’ve studied English through my club activity. I love English and I want to work abroad in the future, so here I want to learn how the business goes in the US and also about business English. This is the second time to come … Read more

ECLA Teacher Feature: Ryan Hawes

My name is Ryan, and I’m a 24 year old Southern California native. In 2011 I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Anthropology from UC Santa Barbara. I love music, traveling and working with people of all ages. Last year I taught English and studied Chinese in Taipei, Taiwan. I lived in the city center, near the famous building, Taipei 101. I had an excellent and adventurous time learning a new language, experiencing a new culture and meeting so many new and wonderful people. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to records, surfing beside Santa Monica pier and going out to try new and delicious restaurants in Los Angeles. Watching funny YouTube videos is a guilty pleasure of mine which has consumed hours upon hours of my life. During my time at EC I have tried to achieve a positive and interactive learning environment, whereupon my classes are continuously speaking, reading, writing and learning. I believe in an encouraging and fun learning environment where students are able to enjoy the experience of learning, rather than solely doing exercises from a book. I hope to stay at EC and further explore the amazing city that is Los Angeles and am looking forward to an exciting future in the months to come. I am a very positive and open person, so if you see me walking by you in the hallway, don’t hesitate to say “Hello!”

Learn English Quickly in LA with these Pronunciation and Spelling Tips!

With many rules and exceptions, learning English as a second language can be very difficult. So how can students learn English quickly in LA? By reading “The Chaos” aloud, a poem written by Dr. Gerard Nolst Trenite, you can quickly improve your pronunciation skills and see the irregularities of English spelling. If you don’t know how to pronounce certain words, then ask a native speaker! The Chaos Dearest creature in Creation, Studying English pronunciation, I will teach you in my verse Sounds like corpse, corps, horse, and worse. I will keep you, Susy, busy, Make your head with heat grow dizzy; Tear in eye, your dress you’ll tear; So shall I! Oh, hear my prayer. Pray, console your loving poet, Make my coat look new, dear, sew it! Just compare heart, beard, and heard, Dies and diet, lord and word. Sword and sward, retain and Britain (Mind the latter, how it’s written!) Made has not the sound of bade, Say-said, pay-paid, laid, but plaid. Now I surely will not plague you With such words as vague and ague, But be careful how you speak, Say break, steak, but bleak and streak. Previous, precious, fuchsia, via; Pipe, snipe, recipe and choir, Cloven, oven; how and low; Script, receipt; shoe, poem, toe. Hear me say, devoid of trickery: Daughter, laughter and Terpsichore, Typhoid; measles, topsails, aisles; Exiles, similes, reviles; Wholly, holly; signal, signing; Thames; examining, combining; Scholar, vicar, and cigar, Solar, mica, war, and far. From “desire”: desirable–admirable from “admire”; Lumber, plumber, bier, but brier; Chatham, brougham; renown but known, Knowledge; done, but gone and tone, One, anemone; Balmoral; Kitchen, lichen; laundry, laurel; Gertrude, German; wind and mind; Scene, Melpomene, mankind; Tortoise, turquoise, chamois-leather, Reading, Reading, heathen, heather. This phonetic labyrinth Gives moss, gross, brook, brooch, ninth, plinth. Billet does not end like ballet; Bouquet, wallet, mallet, chalet; Blood and flood are not like food, Nor is mould like should and would. Banquet is not nearly parquet, Which is said to rhyme with “darky.” Viscous, viscount; load and broad; Toward, to forward, to reward, And your pronunciation’s OK. Rounded, wounded; grieve and sieve; Friend and fiend; alive and live. Liberty, library; heave and heaven; Rachel, ache, moustache, eleven, We say hallowed, but allowed; People, leopard; towed, but vowed. Mark the difference, moreover, Between mover, plover, Dover, Leeches, breeches; wise, precise; Chalice but police and lice. Camel, constable, unstable; Principle, disciple; label; … Read more

Meet ECLA’s Student Ambassador, Aydin!

Hello! I’m Aydın from Antalya, Turkey. I’m 23 years old, newly-graduated agricultural engineer. Since 6th May, I’m in LA. When I first came, I was really excited, getting used to this place was unexpectedly easy. People in here helped me with everything I needed. It took only a week then I’ve started to make most of it. If you need any help (about activities, shopping, ECLA life, life in LA, travelling etc), please do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to answer your questions. As everyone will agree with that English is mostly-required-language all over the world. For me, i need to learn that to get more extensive business contacts. Learning English in EC is really enjoyable. Classes are very joyful and teachers are so friendly. You can always talk to them and they’ll assist you. Although studying is the main reason to be here, we should also have good time since we’re here! I can introduce myself as a beer expert, trying to taste different kinds as many as I can find, anyone who wants to join me will be welcomed. Besides there are lots of activities in EC which you should join; indoor/outdoor, BBQ, sportsday, surfing classes and trips (to Las Vegas, San Fransisco, San Diego..) Your experiences will be unforgettable!

Places you should visit when you come to LA!

Dennis, our Accommodations Coordinator at EC Los Angeles, would like to share a picture of his recent trip to the Hollywood Sign! The Hollywood Sign is one of the many popular historical sights to visit in LA. Located just 15 minutes away from ECLA, the  Bronson Canyon trail is a scenic hike to the Hollywood Sign. But if you’re not an avid hiker, then visit the Griffith Observatory! Established in the 1930s, it is one of the most famous and visited landmarks in southern California. There, students can learn about stars and planets, while seeing an amazing view of the Hollywood Sign and the city of LA! Sign up today at the Front Desk to visit the Griffith Observatory on either August 21st or 22nd!!