Free Class: Pronunciation Clinic!


Many students have hard time pronouncing certain English sounds that do not exist in their native language. At ECLA, we have Pronunciation Clinic on Wednesday at 11:00 and 2:15 in room 305. If you want to practice or improve your English pronunciation, come and participate in our Pronunciation Clinic! On Wednesday, November 6, EC students have a chance to work on their pronunciation with homonyms (words that are spelled and pronounced like another word but are different in meaning) and vowels with ‘R’sound.


For example, students practice how to pronounce homonyms:

Destuct – Distract

Through – Threw

Horse – Harse

Faction – Fashion

And vowels with ‘R’ sound:

Heard / Sport / Beer / Hard / Pear / Later


Come and join! This is a great chance to practice your pronunciation!