Top 10 Universities in California

Do you ever dream about coming to a university in America, especially in the beautiful golden state of California? Ever seen movies like Van Wilder or American Pie 2, where all the characters have crazy parties, drinking, and not much studying? Well, not all students or all universities are like that. Sure, many students live by the motto, “work hard, play harder,” but many of the top universities in the U.S. or top universities in California will only choose the best of the best students. That means that you have to be the best in your class, take the right classes, have impacted your community in some way such as volunteering at hospitals or raising money for charity, have great test scores, and/or be in a sports team.

So why go to universities in California? Because some of these universities are known internationally! They have great programs, research opportunities, and professors that are the best in their fields.

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Below are the top 10 universities in California based on the 2013 America’s Best Colleges

1. Stanford University, Stanford

U.S. News rank: 4 (tie) Tier: 1
Institutional type: private
Setting: suburban
Total enrollment: 17,833
Tuition and fees: $37,881

2. University of California—Berkeley,Berkeley
U.S. News rank: 21 Tier: 1
Institutional type: public
Setting: urban
Total enrollment: 35,409
Tuition and fees: In-state: $8,352; Out-of-state: $30,022


3. University of California—Los Angeles, Los Angeles
U.S. News rank: 24 Tier: 1
Institutional type: public
Setting: urban
Total enrollment: 39,650
Tuition and fees: In-state: $8,228; Out-of-state: $29,897

4.  University of California—San Diego, La Jolla
U.S. News rank: 35 Tier: 1
Institutional type: public
Setting: urban
Total enrollment: 27,520
Tuition and fees: In-state: $8,798; Out-of-state: $30,819

5. University of Southern California, Los Angeles
U.S. News rank: 26 Tier: 1
Institutional type: private
Setting: urban
Total enrollment: 33,747
Tuition and fees: $39,124

6University of California—Davis, Davis
U.S. News rank: 
42 (tie) Tier: 1
Institutional type: public
Total enrollment: 
Tuition and fees: 
$9,364; Out-of-state: $31,385

7. University of California—Irvine, Irvine
U.S. News rank: 46 Tier: 1
Institutional type: public
Setting: suburban
Total enrollment: 26,984
Tuition and fees: In-state: $8,775; Out-of-state: $28,796

8. University of California—Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara
U.S. News rank: 42 (tie) Tier: 1
Institutional type: public
Setting: suburban
Total enrollment: 21,868
Tuition and fees: In-state: $9,055; Out-of-state: $30,724

9.  California Institute of Technology, Pasadena

U.S. News rank: 4 (tie) Tier: 1
Institutional type: private
Setting: suburban
Total enrollment: 2,126
Tuition and fees: $34,584

10. University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco
U.S. News rank: 58 Tier: 1
Institutional type: private
Setting: suburban
Total enrollment: 7,614
Tuition and fees: $37,850