Learning English in Los Angeles: Melissa

Melissa is a bright young lady from Belgium studying EC Los Angeles. She is currently in High Intermediate level and has been with us Since September, 2013. Although, she is only 18 years old, Melissa is very opinionated and wise. She had many things to share and knows a lot about the world! See what she had to say about her experience here at ECLA: Why did you decide to study English in Los Angeles and/or Santa Monica? “Well, I’ve never been to LA, I’ve been to New York and everyone seemed really stressed there, so I knew that I didn’t want to go there. And California is the best-I can definitely say that now because I’ve been here for a while-but even Americans told me that it’s the best place in the country, so I decided to come here.” What will be your best memory of your time here in Los Angeles and/or Santa Monica? “I can’t define one…every moment here is the best. I love everyone here. I really feel like I grew up. I’m really open-minded about all the cultures because I’ve met so many people from different cultures. And everyday, I learn new things from them.” Do you think that your English has improved? Why? “Yea! because my host family told me. I know that if I come to school everyday, I would be in Upper Intermediate haha…And now, I can have a conversation about ANYTHING!” Describe one or two of EC’s strengths. “Different cultures! It’s so diverse here, even the teachers and the people working here. And everyone’s really cool. I have good feelings about everyone. The other thing is the way of teaching. Like the number of people in class. In Belgium, there are like 25 people per class, but here it’s only a … Read more