Meet our talented student – Yuko Saito!


Meet our talented student – Yuko Saito!

Yuko has been with us here at ECLA since October.  She is currently studying on one of our General English Courses in Los Angeles and is having a great experience so far.  Here is a little bit about Yuko, in her own words – and a video, showcasing her talents on the guitar!


Hi!  I am Yuko Saito,

 I’m from Japan.

My hobby are playing the guitar, drawing pictures and eating. 

I’m studying Japanese literature. Then, I’d like to go on to graduate school for a master’s degree, therefore English skills are very important for taxing an exam and my study. That why I’m studying English in ECLA!

The thing I like most about studying at ECLA is talking to staffs 🙂

Thank you.

Meet our talented student - Yuko Saito!

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