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Meet Minkuk – Whimsical New Intern

If you have been to the front desk reception in the last couple months, you have probably met Minkuk, the new intern from Korea. Find out more about Minkuk below! Minkuk chowin’ down on some delicious Korean food – sashimi bibimbap! You are still in school, right? What are you studying? I want to double major in History and International Business Communications, so this internship is perfect for this. Why did you pick EC Los Angeles for your internship? I wanted to choose a language school to continue improving my English. Why did you want to come to Los Angeles? I came to the west coast because I heard the weather is great and the beaches are nice too! What is your favorite thing about LA so far? My co-workers and the teachers! Everyone is so kind – for no reason! I am a lucky person. What place would you recommend for students to visit? I suggest going to the beach, especially Venice Beach. There are a lot of fun and funny things to see there. Everyone is so free and open, there are street performances you can watch, and the beach is good too. But I am saying go to the beach because I haven’t been to Las Vegas yet. You were an English student in Canada before. What advice do you have for students that want to study English? If you decide to study abroad, you will probably have many goals, but you have to prioritize what is most important to you. You won’t have enough time to be successful at all of them. For me, improving my English was my most important goal. Find out more about the ESL English courses that we offer at EC Los Angeles.

A Grain of Grammar: the “I” or “Me” dilemma

We know that the English language can be quite confusing – even for native English speakers! So we want to share some quick and powerful grammar tips to help you as you learn English in Los Angeles. Language Tip: I or Me  People often have trouble deciding whether to use “I” or “me” when speaking English. Usually this problem happens when talking about things you do with other people. For example, should you say “John and me went to the store” or “John and I went to the store?” Here’s an easy trick to remember: Think of the sentence without the other person’s name. Then decide which one is better. John and me went to the store. John and I went to the store. That way you can see that “John and I went to the store” is the correct option. This quick trick is a great way to help you remember when to use “I” or “me!” Have a question about this post? Email Find out more information on how you can learn English in Los Angeles!

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Meet Ozden – Talented Artist and ESL Teacher!

Ozden Oztopcu started teaching EC Los Angeles at the beginning of 2015. She is a dedicated and kind teacher. Find out more about her below! Which classes do you teach? I teach Upper Intermediate, Advanced, TOEFL, Pre-Advanced, and Get Talking. What do you like most about teaching? What I like most about teaching is interacting with students, learning about new cultures, helping people, just all people in general – students and co-workers, and leaving the day feeling fulfilled. Tell a funny joke! A man walks into a bar and says, “Ouch.” What is your hidden talent? My hidden talent is art of any kind. I’m no Picasso, but I like producing all types of art – painting, drawing, needlepoint, cooking. What is the wildest/craziest thing you’ve ever done in your travels around the world? They’re never crazy! They’re always very planned, organized, with a detailed-itinerary. What message do you have for potential students? Make sure that you when are coming to the US or whichever country in which you choose to study, to prepare to not just learn English but about the culture and location as well. Learn more about taking a preparation courses for TOEFL in Los Angeles and other classes we offer!

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Calling All Couples to “Come to ECLA”!

Meet Michele Da Silva Borges and Maick De Morais! They met in flight training school in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She was training to be a flight attendant, and he a pilot. They fell in love and decided to go abroad to study English and explore Los Angeles together. Find out more about their experience below! Why did you want to learn English, and why did you choose LA? Michele: I need English for my job, being a flight attendant. We chose LA because of the weather and climate. We were thinking of Canada, but compare the climate in LA to Canada! There is just so much here. This city is in a great location – you can see snow at Big Bear, and you go through the desert to get there. It’s close to everything, and very central. Maick: I like that there is little change in climate and weather here. My brother was a student here and this is how I learned about ECLA. He told me about it. He would show me pictures and videos, and told me about the good teachers. He also told me about the facilities – how it was clean, orderly, and there were computers to use. What was the most interesting thing that happened while you were here? BOTH: The most exciting, favorite thing that happened during our time here is that we met the famous professional fighter, Anderson Silva! We went to his gym and didn’t expect for him to be there at all, but he WAS! He was so nice and cool and engaged in conversation with us, and gave us a tour, invited us to play paintball with him and go to his house the next day! It was unreal! Did your English improve? BOTH: YES!!! Maick: I learned a lot. Todd and … Read more

AY Lecture: The Importance of Speaking English in the Judicial System

On February 26th, our Academic Year students attended a lecture with criminal defense attorney Monique L. Lee. Drawing on her professional background and experience, she spoke on the importance of speaking English in the judicial system. AY student Myung Chul Choi (in the upper intermediate level) shared with us some of his thoughts and insights after hearing Monique speak. Last Thursday, I attended an AY lecture by Monique L. She is a lawyer. Actually i didn’t know any legal terms when the lecture started. So I thought it would be a hard lecture for me. However, before talking about the main points of the lecture, she explained a lot of legal terms easily. If she didn’t explain any legal words, I wouldn’t have understood anything during the lecture. After that, she told us “Ask me whatever you guys wonder about California laws.” I thought nobody would ask her anything because that was such an abstruse topic and we didn’t know about the law even though we could speak it in our own language. But I was totally wrong. Not only did lots of students but also the teachers asked her a lot of questions. I was so surprised. the reason why is because I  had never thought about the law. but many people had plenty of legal problems. In fact, one question was so serious. One Saudi guy has been driving without a license in Los Angeles. He had to go to court, but he didn’t go to court .And then Monique said he must go to the judge and explain his situation. When I heard that. I was so stunned. how did he miss that..? Anyway. that lecture was so useful and interesting to me. because I didn’t know what I should or shouldn’t do as long as I live LA. … Read more

ECLA Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

We have gone green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day! This holiday is celebrated every year on March 17th. It is a religious feast day and the anniversary of Saint Patrick’s death. But why do we celebrate it? Here is a mini history lesson on the origins of this Irish tradition. Why do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? St. Patrick’s Day has been an Irish holiday for over 1,000 years. It occurs during the Christian season of Lent to honor Saint Patrick. He was the patron saint of Ireland, known for bringing Christianity to the country. Traditionally, Irish families attended church in the morning and celebrated in the afternoon on St. Patrick’s Day. Prohibitions against consumption of meat and alcohol were lifted for that day, so they had grand feasts and festivals filled with food, drink, and dancing. What are the traditions of St. Patrick’s Day? Today, people of all nationalities celebrate St. Patrick’s Day around the world. However, instead of honoring their patron saint with a modest religious dinner of corned beef and cabbage, the holiday has evolved into quite the rambunctious event. We wear green to represent spring, shamrocks, and Ireland. Legend has it that Saint Patrick used the three leaves of the shamrock to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity. Today, we consider the shamrock, or clover, as a symbol of good luck, especially if you find a four-leaf clover! Another symbol strongly associated with the holiday is a leprechaun, which is a Celtic fairy in Irish folklore. He is a mischievous little old man usually pictured next to a rainbow with a pot of gold. It is said that if you capture a leprechaun, he will grant you three wishes in exchange for his freedom! Fun facts: There are 34.7 million US residents with Irish ancestry. This is more … Read more

March Activities

March Activities at EC Los Angeles!

Have you seen the activities we have planned for you in the month of March? Los Angeles is overflowing with events to attend, restaurants to dine in, and sights to see, and we want to give our EC English students a chance to check them out! As always, there are free classes offered Monday through Friday where you can practice your skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. You can discuss hot topics that are in the news during the Breaking News class every Tuesday, or you can fine-tune your pronunciation skills during Pronunciation Clinic every Wednesday. Did I mention these are FREE?! You can also dive into the culture here at Santa Monica and Los Angeles by taking a city tour, exploring the local farmers market, or sampling unique and savory food from the food truck bazaar. If you want to get movin’ and active, join us for some sunset yoga, frisbee, volleyball, or bike-riding on the beach. These are great opportunities to make new friends, practice your English, see the city sights, and feel more at home as an ESL Los Angeles student. Activities in orange and blue are free of charge! Please ask the front desk for more information about any of our activities, and don’t forget to sign up in advance at the front desk.

Meet Ashley – Friendly New Student Services Counselor

A few weeks ago, Ashley Uy joined the team at EC Los Angeles. You’ve probably already seen her smiling face at the front desk, but here is more about her!   What do you do at EC?  I am the newest Student Services Counselor at the front desk. I help students with what the need and help manage the activity program and admin files. What is your favorite place to visit in LA? I am still exploring the city, but one of my favorites so far would be LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) and the surrounding area. It’s a great place to walk around and for people watching. What is your favorite place to eat in LA? In Glendale, there is a small Mexican place called Tacos Azteca. It has a tiny outdoor seating area. I love to get al pastor tacos there. Every day. Why did you choose to work at EC? I really like the atmosphere and work culture. It’s very energetic and open-minded, and I get to meet people from such diverse cultures. Do you have any message for future students? Come say hi! I want to meet you. I’m sure you’ll love your time here because I love it too! Find out more about our ESL school Los Angeles!