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Student Testimonial: Things to do in LA

Ever find yourself wondering where to go and what to do in Los Angeles when you aren’t studying? Here are a few great highlights, suggested by our Student Ambassador, Pablo from Argentina! “LA is an amazing big city, where you can find different things to do. LA is so big!! A huge conglo … Read more

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A Grain of Grammar: Desert or Dessert?

It is time for another “Grain of Grammar” lesson! These short posts help clarify some of the most frequently-made mistakes in the English language. Whether you are an ESL student learning English in USA for the first time or a native English speaker, we hope you find these quick tips use … Read more

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Meet Tory – Nile Navigator and ESL Teacher!

Tory Sims began teaching at EC Los Angeles last summer in 2014. He is a fun and engaging teacher in the classroom. Find out more about him below! Which classes do you teach? Elementary, Beginner, Intermediate, and Get Talking. What do you like most about teaching? Interacting with the students and h … Read more