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Student Testimonial: Things to do in LA

Ever find yourself wondering where to go and what to do in Los Angeles when you aren’t studying? Here are a few great highlights, suggested by our Student Ambassador, Pablo from Argentina! “LA is an amazing big city, where you can find different things to do. LA is so big!! A huge conglomeration of residential areas linked by freeways and wide avenues, where other cities such as Santa Monica and Beverly Hills are so near. It is my first time here and I am having a good experience. For my work I have had the opportunity to travel to different cities around the world, and LA isn’t the same as the other big cities that I have been visited.You feel that you are at home from the first moment. The city is safe and clean. People here are very helpful and more relaxed, and you don’t feel rushed in the environment. When you finish your class, you could go sightseeing in the city, only two blocks from school is 3rd Street Promenade where you can find the best brands or only walk around the beautiful Santa Monica. Another option is go to the beach with your friends for lunch and swimming!  The water is a little chilly but I think in the summer it will be better 😉 At the weekends, one of the best options is to travel to other cities such as Malibu, Santa Barbara, San Diego and, if you have more time, Las Vegas and San Francisco. If you decide to stay in the city, I recommend that you visit Hollywood, visit the Walk of Fame, Kodak & Chinese Theatre and see the footsteps of your favorite actors!! Another suggestion is hike the mountains where the big letters with the name of the place are, and take beautiful pictures of … Read more

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A Grain of Grammar: Desert or Dessert?

It is time for another “Grain of Grammar” lesson! These short posts help clarify some of the most frequently-made mistakes in the English language. Whether you are an ESL student learning English in USA for the first time or a native English speaker, we hope you find these quick tips useful. Spelling tip: Desert or Dessert How can you remember the difference between “desert” and “dessert?” As a noun, a desert is a dry area of land and dessert is a sweet treat you eat at the end of a meal. They are two very different things, but they are spelled almost the same. Here is an easy way to remember the difference: When you eat dessert, you always want more, so put the “S” in there twice! Happy spelling! Have a question about this post? Email Find out how you can study English in USA!

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Meet Tory – Nile Navigator and ESL Teacher!

Tory Sims began teaching at EC Los Angeles last summer in 2014. He is a fun and engaging teacher in the classroom. Find out more about him below! Which classes do you teach? Elementary, Beginner, Intermediate, and Get Talking. What do you like most about teaching? Interacting with the students and helping people achieve their goals. What is your hidden talent? My hidden talent is playing the guitar, but I’m not very good. What is the wildest thing you’ve ever done in your travels around the world? I went on an adventure in the middle of the Nile River at night. What message do you have for potential students? What are you waiting for? Learn more about the ESL courses in Los Angeles, like the ones taught by Tory!

Student Spotlight: Ahmed – Feeling at Home in Santa Monica

Ahmed Deghim (AD) is a student from Libya who studied in our Academic Year programme for 11 months. He started in the Elementary level and graduated from EC Los Angeles in the Upper Intermediate level. He was also one of our Student Ambassadors and proved to be a great asset in welcoming other students. Read more to find about Ahmed’s experience in EC Los Angeles!  EC | What is your age and occupation? AD | I am in my 30’s. I worked as a Manager of Red Bull in 2002 for 3 years in Tripoli city, a capital of Libya. After that I had been working as a salesman in Castrol since 2005. In 2009, I began in a Castrol Distribution Manager in Libya. I had the necessity to speak with people from different countries so I needed to improve my language because the environment is so competitive.   EC | Why did you decide to study English in Los Angeles and/or Santa Monica? AD | Honestly, I didn’t have information about USA. My agency gave more details about the country and talked about EC, and they told me about the experience of the other students in that School. When I received all the information I decided to talk with my boss and asked him what are the best places in the US for me to improve my English. He advised me that Buffalo, Chicago, and Louisiana were good places to study because there are many people to speak English and few Arabic speakers. My agency told me that in California the EC schools were strong, so I decided LA.   EC | What will be your best memory of your time here in Los Angeles and/or Santa Monica? AD | When I arrived in Santa Monica, I felt at home, because the city is similar … Read more