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“Konnichiwa”, Rose. Welcome to EC Los Angeles!

Hey! I’m Rose Buchberg, ECLA’s new Student Services Coordinator. Born and raised in Hollywood, I’ve grown up in the entertainment world and around many different cultures and lifestyles. I studied Japanese at CSU Monterey Bay and Waseda University in Tokyo, and I just moved back to LA after working in Osaka. I wanted to join EC because I understand the importance of knowing different languages, especially English.  I want to be in an international environment and help make the world a little more connected. I love travel and have visited over 10 countries! Karaoke and swimming are my greatest hobbies, and you’ll often catch me checking out a new restaurant or event every weekend. I know what it’s like living in a place where you don’t speak the language well, but studying, working and integrating with society in a foreign country has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Come talk to me if you want recommendations on what to see in LA, need help or just want to chat! I love helping students who study ESL in Los Angeles!   Find out more about learning English in Los Angeles!

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EC Los Angeles Staff Night Out!

One of the best things about taking English Classes in Los Angeles, is the chance to have international fun! Recently, EC Los Angeles staff celebrated the start to the weekend by heading over to Koreatown for some delicious Korean BBQ! Unlike your standard American backyard grill, Korean BBQ restaurants have a grill in the middle of the table. Everyone can sit around the table and grill their own sliced meat, poultry and sea food. A great feature of Korean cooking is the many side dishes including, Kimchi, Jap Chae noodles, Pickled Raddish, etc. It was a fun night for EC staff to relax and get to know each other. In addition to Koreatown, Los Angeles is home to many different cultural areas. We have Little Tokyo, Little Armenia, Thai Town, Little Russia in West Hollywood, El Mercado in East LA, and so much more! Is there a new part of town you would like to explore? Come talk to us at the front desk and we can recommend our favorite places to you! From the beach, to Hollywood, to Koreatown – there is so much available for you to do when you study at ECLA!