Student Spotlight: Claudia – Making English her own!

Claudia Reali, EC Los Angeles student from Italy!
Claudia Reali, EC Los Angeles student from Italy!

What is your name, age and occupation?

Claudia Reali, 17, student

Why did you decide to study English in Los Angeles?

Probably because it’s a place I already know, but I wanted to experience how school works.

What will be your best memory of your time here in Los Angeles?

Meeting a lot of different people from lots of different countries thanks to EC.

Do you think that your English has improved? Why?

Yes, I think it did, because now I feel it’s more mine.

Describe one of ECLA’s strengths.


What advice do you have to give students who are thinking about studying English in Los Angeles?

Just give it a try and you’ll have a great experience!


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