Meet Ayako, Admissions Exec from Malta!

EC Malta Admissions Executive, Ayako Suzuki, is visiting EC Los Angeles this summer!
Ayako Suzuki, EC Admissions Executive based in Malta is visiting ECLA this summer!


Hello, I’m Ayako and I’m working here at EC Los Angles from 3rd Aug 2015 to 24th September 2015.

I am thankful for this great opportunity, and I am very excited about working at EC Los Angles.

As you might know, EC has 21 schools around the world (US, Canada, UK, Malta and Cape Town),
and, I was actually a student at EC Malta in 2011. I also worked as a student services intern at the front desk for 6 months.

I was supposed to go back to Japan after that, but I got a chance to work as a full time and I have been working at EC Head office
in Malta (a tiny beautiful island in Mediterranean) for about 3 years.
EC Los Angeles is the biggest destination for Japanese students, so I was hoping to visit here one day and the dream came true!

I’m still learning English every day, and I know how challenging but how great it is to learn English and to be able to communicate with people from all over the world.

I am at the front desk or Paul’s office so please feel free to come to see me if you need any help. I am looking forward to meeting you!


EC English brought wonderful opportunities for Ayako! Why don’t you give learning English a try! Enroll at EC Los Angeles, today!