Wednesday Word of the Day – Foliage!

It’s a season of colors and season of words. Here is today’s Wednesday Word of the Day!

Autumn foliage beside a lake.
An example of beautiful Autumn foliage.





The word “foliage” means the leaves or flowers of a plant or a tree. It is an uncountable noun, which means that it refers to the collection (or group) or leaves or flowers. There is no plural form of “foliage”. Some synonyms for the word are leaves, leafage, greenery, vegetation, verdure.


The foliage on trees and bushes will change with the seasons. You will see a lot of autumn foliage this time of the year as the leaves start changing colors from green to vibrant red and orange colors. In the winter months, the foliage will start to wither and dry up until branches are left bare. When spring approaches, plants will start to blossom again, and we will see beautiful foliage in the form of green leaves and colorful plants and flowers.


Here in sunny, southern California, the autumn season is not very distinct. In other parts of the United States, the trees will drastically change colors and colorful leaves will begin to fall to the ground. However, you may still start to see some leaves change their colors here in Los Angeles. So as you go through the city of Los Angeles, take a moment to look at the foliage around you!


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