ECLA Activities 11/30 – 12/4

  Happy Monday, Everybody! Here is this week’s list of super fun activities offered by EC Los Angeles! ECLA has some of the best ESL school activities around! Monday Barneys Beanery Time: 2:00PM Cost: $5+ Join a teacher, new students and old students for a Monday afternoon drink and snack! Everyone is welcome! EC will provide some food! Tuesday EA Meet and Greet Location: Santa Monica Pier! Cost: Free!! Time: 1PM – 4PM Join Expedition America at the pier and mingle with international students from different ESL schools in the Santa Monica area! This is a great chance to make friends from other countries, and use your English in a natural setting! Wednesday Movie and Cocoa Time: 5:30PM Cost: Free Come watch a winter movie with some cocoa and popcorn! Thursday Tree Lighting and Santa Parade Time: 5:30PM Cost Free: Join us on the Third Street Promenade to watch the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony and Santa Parade! Remember to bring a jacket – it can get chilly at night! Friday Ice at Santa Monica Cost: $15+ Time: 5:30PM Come Ice Skate by the beach! A seasonal activity for all ages, Ice at Santa Monica is just down the street from EC Los Angeles!   Want to study English in the USA? Visit EC English today!    

Meet Joao Ricardo Sant' Anna from Brazil!

Student Spotlight: Joao Ricardo Sant’ Anna

Meet Joao from Brazil!! He is studying in EC Los Angeles in the upper intermediate level and having a really great time!!! Name: Joao Ricardo Sant’ Anna Nationality: Brazillian Why did you choose to study with EC? I heard good things from this school and CI (agency) gave an awesome recommendation. What do you like most about EC teachers? The way that teachers teach something new, they always try to find an easy way to explain all the things we learn. What will be your most unforgettable memory of EC? The goods teacher and the atmosphere at the school. Would you recommend EC to a friend? Why? Yes, because for peoples from Brazil, the best way to improve our English is to come over here.   Interested in studying English in the USA? Check out ECLA today!!!

Meet Paola Giovanna Lavanzini from Switzerland!

Student Spotlight: Paola Giovanna Lavanzini

Student Spotlight Paola was recommended by her teachers! She is always greets the front desk with a smile and hello, and she is a pleasure to be around. Read about why Paola chose EC and what she loves about it!   Name: Paola Giovanna Lavanzini Nationality: Swiss Why did you choose to study with EC? Because my agency advised me EC School. What do you like most about EC teachers? They’re really friendly, helpful and serious when we need. What will be your most unforgettable memory of EC? Thanksgiving lunch at school, awesome 🙂 Would you recommend EC to a friend? Why? Yes, but only if he or she has a good level of English because the classes are like pre-advanced or more serious.   While Paola’s classes may have been challenging, we do also offer classes for beginner levels! Interested in studying English in the USA? Check out ECLA today!

ECLA staff serving a Thanksgiving meal!

ECLA’s Thanksgiving Celebration

In keeping with the theme of the week, on Tuesday, November 24th, 2015, EC Los Angeles held a Thanksgiving Potluck for all students and staff. Students could enjoy freshly roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, dinner rolls, stuffing and salad. For many students, this was their first time to even try turkey!         While most everyone in the United States celebrates Thanksgiving, each family has their own special traditions. Here is what some of the ECLA staff does for Turkey Day! We asked some teachers and staff about their Thanksgiving traditions… see below!   Nicole Peeler, Teacher “My family always says what they are thinking for before we start eating.”   Dennis Nguyen, Student Services Manager My parents came from Vietnam in the late 80s and didn’t fully adopt the American Thanksgiving until my siblings and I became older. We were able to plan dinner and celebrate together because we grew up with the culture.  However, I do remember one particular time when I was young when my parents did cook a turkey and we had a huge feast together! As of now, we sometimes we do a big family gathering for Thanksgiving, and sometimes we just keep it small.  I’ll always be thankful for my parents!   Carly Erickson, Teacher “We celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents’ friends from college on Balboa Island in Newport Beach. We eat lots of food and watch lots of football!” Cyril Pascarel, Student Services Coordinator (Housing)   “I’m from France so my family is in France. I go to my friends’ Thanksgiving dinners.”   Want to study English in the USA? Visit ECLA today!  

Will you gormandize this Thanksgiving?

Wednesday Word of the Day – Gormandize

Happy Wednesday everybody! In honor of Thanksgiving, we have a food related “Wednesday Word of the Day”! After the delicious Thanksgiving is that one day of the year when society says you can eat as much food as you want. Whether it be turkey, stuffing or pumpkin pie, people often eat until they’re so full, they can’t think about ever eating another bite of food again. (At least until after a nap!)   gor·man·dize (verb) \ˈgȯr-mən-ˌdīz\   Definition 1: the action of indulging in or being a connoisseur of good eating. Definition 2: to eat greedily.   The word gormandize comes from the French words gourmand and later gourmandise. It was in popular use during the 1800s but has fallen out of fashion in modern time. An example of how to use “gormandize” could be “I plan to gormandize the delicious Thanksgiving meal my family is cooking this year due to my voracious appetite.” Gormandize doesn’t always have a positive feeling; for example “My sister is so greedy, she always gormandizes the pumpkin pie!”   So now you know a colorful, new word! We at ECLA hope you have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday filled with delicious food and warm feelings.   Want to study English in the USA? Visit ECLA today!  

Learn tips on English grammar!

Grain of Grammar: Their, There and They’re!

Hey there! Have you ever had trouble knowing which “there” to use? Read below to learn how! Their “Their” is used when we are talking about something that belongs to 2 or more people. ex: “Tell your students to bring their books tomorrow!” “Their” books means the students’ books!   There “There” is used when we are talking about a place or a direction. ex: “The post office is over there. —>” In this sentence, “there” is talking about the direction someone is pointing to. ex: “Oh! Tell me about Hawaii! I have never been there.” In this sentence, “there” is referring to Hawaii. (I have never been there/ I have never been to Hawaii). It sounds silly to saw Hawaii twice, so in this case,we can say “there” instead!   They’re This “they’re” is a contraction. This means that it is actually two words combined into one. Do you know which words? They’re is a combination of They and Are. We use “they’re” when we are talking about 2 or more people doing something. ex: “Did you hear about Abdullah and Sayako? They’re getting married!!” In this sentence, “they’re” is talking about Abdullah and Sayako. While “they are getting married” is definitely perfect English, “they’re getting married” sounds more natural.   Now you know the differences between their, there and they’re!   This type of grammar problem is very common, but very important to learn – especially in a business situation. Want to learn business English? Visit ECLA today!

Thankgiving Lunches and Dinners typically look like this

ECLA Thanksgiving Activities

  It’s Monday again! This week, in observance of Thanksgiving, EC Los Angeles will be close Thursday (Nov 26) and Friday (27); however, in an effort to introduce our students to American culture, EC Los Angeles will be holding it’s very own Thanks Giving Potluck Luncheon!   On Tuesday, November 24th, 2015, from 11:30AM to 12:30PM, EC Los Angeles will be holding a Thanksgiving lunch full of roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and much, much more! Students and teachers will gather in the 2nd floor student lounge to enjoy the feast and think about what we are thankful for. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to bring a dish from his or her home country, although it is not required.   Thanksgiving is a time when families who live all over come together to enjoy a home-cooked meal. During this time, we give thanks to all our good fortunes and we wish for peace in the world.   What are YOU thankful for?     Want to study English in the USA? Visit ECLA today!  

Swiss Culture Night activity!

Swiss Culture Night at EC Los Angeles

On Thursday, November 20th, EC Los Angeles held a Swiss culture night! The event was organized by Student Ambassador, Tamina and another EC student, Linda. Students from countries such as Brazil, Saudi Arabia and France all attended. The event showcased a Swiss tradition – cheese fondue! Everyone listened to popular Swiss music and watched a slide show on Swiss points of interest while munching on the delicious cheese and bread! It was a wonderful time. EC Los Angeles is a place to not only learn English – it’s a melting pot of different cultures and a great place to get international exposure. Join an activity and make some new friends from other countries today!   Want to study English in the USA? Come to ECLA today!

Abdullah Almusallam is a student from Saudi Arabia.

Student Spotlight: Abdullah Almusallam

Read about today’s student spotlight! Name: Abdullah Almusallam Nationality: Saudi Arabian Why did you choose to study with EC? 1st, EC is in Santa Monica. 2nd, good classes. 3rd, good people. What do you like most about EC teachers? [They have] good ways of teaching. What will be your most unforgettable memory of EC? Halloween Day. Would you recommend EC to a friend? Why? Yes. Some classes are good for you.   There are many reasons to come to EC Los Angeles. We offer General English courses, a business English course, and so much more! Like the Halloween Day Abdullah mentioned,ECLA also offers an engaging and fun activities calendar. Activities give students a chance to have fun and practice natural English outside of the classroom! Want to study English in the USA? Visit our website or take a tour of our Santa Monica campus today!

This is THE place for car-lovers.

Weekend Los Angeles 11/20 – 11/22

Have you made weekend plans yet? Check out what’s going on in Los Angeles for the weekend of 11/20 – 11/22! Friday LA Auto Show @ Los Angeles Convention Center Tickets: $15 ($12 M-Th) Are you a car fanatic? Do you like to check out new driving technology? Come to the LA Auto Show to learn about new designs and inventions! LA Auto Show is one of the most influential auto trade shows in the world- this is your chance to get in the hot seat of auto-information! Saturday Public Star Party @ Griffith Park Observatory From 2:00 p.m. to 9:45 p.m., join members of the Los Angeles Astronomical Society, Los Angeles Sidewalk Astronomers and the Planetary Society to learn about our universe! You’ll even get the change to look through different telescopes and learn about different astronomical equipment. Sunday Brunch Sunday is a day to recover from Saturday night! Angelenos enjoy waking up late and going out to brunch. What is brunch? It’s a combination of Breakfast and Lunch! Check out this list of the best brunch restaurants in Los Angeles compiled by Time Out Los Angeles!     Want to study English in the USA and enjoy fun activities? Visit ECLA today!