Get Active at EC Los Angeles!

Paul Suhr, our Center Director, has some advice to share with EC students….


Students ask me all the time – “What’s the best way to improve my English?”

My answer?  “GET ACTIVE!”

Get outside, meet strangers, hang out with friends (from another country), learn something new.  Just DO something – ANYTHING!

Here are a few helpful websites that will give you some ideas of what to do with your friends, or how to make NEW friends.


For people who like the outdoors: Weekendsherpa

Sign up for this newsletter and they will send you cool stuff to do on the weekends.

Hiking is a great way to meet people and practice English!
Visit to learn about fun activities!


What’s your hobby?  Find other people that share your same interests!: Meetup


Meet-Ups are a great way to make friends
Join Meet-Up groups to find friends with similar interests!

Join a Meetup Group and find out when they will meet next: LA Weekly

For People who eat, breathe, love MUSIC.


Check out LA Weekly and find something fun!
LA Weekly have a monthly calendar of awesome events and concerts!


So easy.  Just click on the genre you like (ie. Rock, hip hop, electronica) and you will see all the different concerts happening in the Los Angeles area.


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