Swiss Culture Night at EC Los Angeles

Swiss students at ECLA
Tamina and Linda, Swiss students who organized the activity!

On Thursday, November 20th, EC Los Angeles held a Swiss culture night! The event was organized by Student Ambassador, Tamina and another EC student, Linda. Students from countries such as Brazil, Saudi Arabia and France all attended.

The event showcased a Swiss tradition – cheese fondue! Everyone listened to popular Swiss music and watched a slide show on Swiss points of interest while munching on the delicious cheese and bread! It was a wonderful time.

EC Los Angeles is a place to not only learn English – it’s a melting pot of different cultures and a great place to get international exposure. Join an activity and make some new friends from other countries today!

Dip bread into cheese and enjoy Fondue!
Delicious cheese!
Students hanging out at Swiss Culture Class
Students taking a break from eating Fondue
Learn about a country through food!
Students from many different countries coming together to learn about Switzerland!
Swiss Culture Night activity!
Student enjoying Fondue at the Swiss Culture Night activity!


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