Wednesday Word of the Day – Gormandize

Happy Wednesday everybody! In honor of Thanksgiving, we have a food related “Wednesday Word of the Day”! After the delicious Thanksgiving is that one day of the year when society says you can eat as much food as you want. Whether it be turkey, stuffing or pumpkin pie, people often eat until they’re so full, they can’t think about ever eating another bite of food again. (At least until after a nap!)

Will you gormandize this Thanksgiving?
This picture from a Monty Python movie depicts a man gormandizing.


gor·man·dize (verb)



Definition 1: the action of indulging in or being a connoisseur of good eating.

Definition 2: to eat greedily.


The word gormandize comes from the French words gourmand and later gourmandise. It was in popular use during the 1800s but has fallen out of fashion in modern time. An example of how to use “gormandize” could be “I plan to gormandize the delicious Thanksgiving meal my family is cooking this year due to my voracious appetite.”

Gormandize doesn’t always have a positive feeling; for example “My sister is so greedy, she always gormandizes the pumpkin pie!”


So now you know a colorful, new word! We at ECLA hope you have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday filled with delicious food and warm feelings.


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