Student Spotlight: Joao Ricardo Sant’ Anna

Meet Joao from Brazil!! He is studying in EC Los Angeles in the upper intermediate level and having a really great time!!!

Meet Joao Ricardo Sant' Anna from Brazil!
Joao Ricardo Sant’ Anna from Brazil is today’s Student Spotlight

Name: Joao Ricardo Sant’ Anna

Nationality: Brazillian

Why did you choose to study with EC?

I heard good things from this school and CI (agency) gave an awesome recommendation.

What do you like most about EC teachers?

The way that teachers teach something new, they always try to find an easy way to explain all the things we learn.

What will be your most unforgettable memory of EC?

The goods teacher and the atmosphere at the school.

Would you recommend EC to a friend? Why?

Yes, because for peoples from Brazil, the best way to improve our English is to come over here.


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