Merry Christmas, everyone!

Wednesday Word of the Day- Yultide Definition

Yule·tide (noun) yule·tide ˈyo͞olˌtīd/ Yuletide Definition: Christmas time. The word Yule comes from Old English, giuli, which was what the Anglo-Saxons called the two-month mid-winter period of time. The word, giuli, comes from Older English geol or geola, which comes from the Old Nors word jol, which was the name for the heathen feast that later became the Christian Christmas feast.  The word Yuletide is old but became popular again the first part of the 20th century – there are even Christmas songs that use the term! Examples of Yuletide in a sentence: “Let’s enjoy this yuletide by singing Christmas carols and spending time with family!” Just a reminder, EC Los Angeles will be closing at 2PM tomorrow (Dec 24), and will be closed Friday (Dec 25) in observance of the Christmas holiday. Your Thursday schedule may have changed so please check with your teacher today. Want to study English in USA? Check out ECLA today!

Visit Seinfeld's NY home in LA!

Around LA – Weekend of 12/18 to 12/20

Here’s what going on around LA this weekend!   Friday Seinfeld: The Apartment Time: 10AM – 7PM Location: 8445 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles Cost: Free!!! Are you a fan of the hilarious and influential television sitcom, Seinfeld? This American icon ran on TV for almost 10 years! Now you can visit a gallery set-up to take you on a nostalgia trip through the set of Jerry Seinfeld’s television home.   Saturday LA Beer Hop Time: 12:00PM Location: Various locations around LA – visit their website to book a tour! Cost: $65 This activity is for lovers of Craft Beer. Take an journey through local brews and ales to discover you next favorite drink. Remember, the legal drinking age in the USA is 21 years old! Sunday Die Hard + Lethal Weapon Screening Time: 7:30 PM Location: Egyptian Theater in Hollywood Cost: $11 Die Hard, starring Bruce Willis – is it a Christmas movie or an action movie that takes place at Christmas? Well, here is your chance to see it and find out! Afterwards, stay for the double feature and enjoy Lethal Weapon, starring Mel Gibson!   Want to study English in USA? Visit ECLA today!

Lucas and his ECLA friends!

How EC Students Can Meet Americans

    We asked Student Ambassador, Lucas Villalba, “How EC Students Can Meet Americans”, and this is what he said…   After almost half year living in LA, one Staff from EC school has asked me How did I meet Americans in LA to practice my English ?   1 – LA is a huge city, sometimes we need to go out, but we don’t have car. Taxis and Ubers are really popular here. I’ve been taking it for my whole stay/staying and most of the drivers like talking during the way. You can enjoy this moment and try to have a conversation because they’re literally friendly. They are going to ask you about your home country and so on. Don’t be shy otherwise you won’t see those people again.   2 – People say that when we teach someone we can learn more with it. As I mentioned before, LA is huge, there are too many people and most of them are interesting on learning another language. Try to find group of people on this website: . It’s honestly useful.   3 –  Go to crowded places to hang out. It is great opportunity to find someone and try to have a short conversation.   4 – There are a plenty of apps that we can use for practicing our English, most of them are for learning grammar. I’ve found one really interesting,  ” Wakie “. You are able to talk with Americans for 5 minutes.   Want to study English in the USA? Visit ECLA today!

Enjoy some craft beers and make new friends!

Around LA – Weekend of 12/11 – 12/13

The weekend is almost upon us! Here are some fun activities you can do!   Friday Ukulele Christmas Orchesta Time: 6:30PM Cost: Free!!! Location: Music Center in Downtown Los Angeles “Ukulele-playing Angelenos, this is your moment to shine. The Music Center is celebrating the holidays with a twang thanks to the Ukulele Christmas Orchestra. Amateur musicians 18 and older are invited to perform in the free program; this year’s theme is Americana. Seating is limited and the event is only for those performing—you’ll need to bring your own uke and music stand—so make sure to RSVP beforehand. Beginners are welcome, though you’ll need to be able to strum in rhythm while playing these 5 chords in this order: C, Em, F, D7 and G7.” – Time Out Los Angeles   Saturday Santa Monica Pub Crawl Time: 5:00PM Cost: $15 Location: Various bars around Santa Monica! Will all money being donated to the Westside Food Bank, grab your friends and put on a winter-themed sweater to enjoy an alcoholic taste around Santa Monica. Big Blue Bus is offering a $4 discount pass to safely ride all night long. Pop Up Vintage Market Place Time:12:00PM Cost: $15 Location: Cooper Design Space in Downtown Los Angeles “Shop more than 50 of the top vintage retailers (local and national) like Scout, Just Say Native, Recess, Mercy Vintage Now, Arrow and Anchor and private dealers in a marketplace setting within the Cooper Design Space. Enjoy tunes and cocktails from an open bar at the penthouse location, while trying to find that special vintage piece that your stylish friend (or your own closet) has been missing. ” Time Out Los Angeles\   Sunday Rose Bowl Flea Market Time: 9AM Cost: $8 Location: Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena A flea market is an outdoor marketplace where you can buy … Read more

Get your ticket for ECLA's Winter Soirée!

Wednesday Word of the Day – Soirée

  One of the most interesting things about English, is the fact that many of our words actually belong to other languages! Having a wider vocabulary will give you more opportunities to express yourself. This week’s word is popular and always has a feeling of fun – take a look!   Soirée (noun) soi·rée swäˈrā/ Definition: an evening party or gathering, typically in a private house, for conversation or music. The word soirée comes from French. The root – soir means evening. This word was popular in the 1800s but came back in fashion during the 2010s! An example of how to use soiree is used. Abdullah:  “Are you planning on going to the soirée EC Los Angeles is planning on December 19th?” Sayako: “Oh you mean the Winter Wonderland Dance! Yes it will be an evening party full of music, food and fun!” EC Los Angeles will hold it’s Winter Wonderland Dance on December 19th, 2015 (Saturday). Tickets are on sale for $20 this week only! (Next week, tickets will be $25) Stop by the front desk and get your ticket for this magical soirée!! Study English in the USA and learn more awesome words like these!

Learn tips on English grammar!

Grain of Grammar: Phrasal Verbs

Do you struggle with learning English grammar? One of the more difficult parts of grammar to learn is Phrasal Verbs. What is a Phrasal Verb? According to Google, a Phrasal Verb is “an idiomatic phrase consisting of a verb and another element, typically either an adverb, as in break down, or a preposition, for example see to, or a combination of both, such as look down on.”  In other words, a Phrasal Verb is a phrase, or group of words that uses a verb + another part of speech, such as an adverb or preposition. When do we use Phrasal Verbs? Always. Phrasal Verbs are an important and commonly used part of English, and they are a key element to speaking like a native English speaker. What are some common examples of Phrasal Verbs? Some of the most widely used Phrasal Verbs are: – Call Off (cancel) – Find out (discover) – Throw Away (discard) – Fill Out (complete a form) – Hand in (submit something) Have you ever used any of these phrasal verbs before? Now you know a little more about English grammar! Want to learn more about English grammar? Check out EC English’s grammar page and take some English courses at EC Los Angeles Language Center today!

Join us for Game Night!

ECLA Activities 12/7 – 12/11

Below are ECLA Activities for this week! We have great activities for you to enjoy this week – take a look! Monday Welcome Drinks @ Barneys Beanery Time: 2:15PM Cost: $5+ Join some new arrivals and classmates who have been here for a while for some snacks and a drink! Barney’s Beanery is a famous Los Angeles restaurant! Tuesday EA Meet and Greet Location: To Be Determined – ask Lanz! Cost: Free!! Time: 1PM – 4PM Join Expedition America and mingle with international students from different ESL schools in the Santa Monica area! This is a great chance to make friends from other countries, and use your English in a natural setting! Wednesday Game Night Location: 2nd floor student lounge Cost: Free!! Time: 5:30PM Come play some board games after school!     Thursday Menorah Lighting and Klezmer Music Cost: Free Time: 5:30PM It’s the 5th night of Hanukkah! Watch Santa Monica’s annual Menorah Lighting as they light the candles. Friday Graduation! Location: 2nd floor student lounge Time: 12:00 Cheer your graduating classmates on, and maybe win a trip to Las Vegas at the raffle!   Searching google for Study English in USA? Visit ECLA today!

Visit the famous Venice Beach!

This weekend in LA 12/4 – 12/7

We can’t believe it, but it’s already December! Have you made plans yet? Here is what is going on in Los Angeles for the first weekend of December! Friday, December 4 4th Annual Holiday Lighting of the Venice Sign Presented by The Venice Whaler Take in some artistic culture with a viewing of a poster contest: 4:30 pm, and join the fun Festivities starting at 6:15 pm on Windward Ave. A Holiday Lighting of the Venice Sign will start at 8:00 pm. What a great start the weekend in LA! Saturday, December 5 Artisanal LA Holiday Market From 11am-8pm in Old Pasadena, This event is free, family friendly and open to the public. Vendors include area independent shop, restaurants and cafes for a European inspired market. Find Christmas gifts, eat, drink and be merry. Sunday, December 6 Mac N’ Cheese Smack Down Here’s a description from Time Out Los Angeles: “We’ve challenged the city’s best restaurants to offer creative takes on this cheesy classic (Bacon-topped? Lobster-filled? The possibilities are endless.), so that you can taste your way through two hours of cheese-induced heaven (plus beer pairings!).”     Want to study English in USA? Visit ECLA today!    

Meet Julian, one of ECLA's teachers!

Teacher Feature: Julian Filidor!

Which classes do you teach? I teach a Pre-Intermediate, an Upper-Intermediate, and a grammar elective class. What do you like most about teaching? I really like helping people. So, teaching English is a very real way to affect peoples’ lives in a positive way. Also, I love learning about people and different cultures from around the world. Tell a funny joke! hahahaha. That’s it. What is your hidden talent? I can’t tell you that. What do you do in your free time? I play Rock & Roll music, among other things. Tell me about that. I have a band called STREET DREAMS – it’s melodic and modern. You should check it out! Check out STREET DREAMS’ Facebook page! What message do you have for potential students? Come to ECLA, improve your English, and enjoy the sunny Southern California weather and beaches! It can’t get any better than this!     How about that cool ESL teacher? Come visit EC Los Angeles Language Center today and meet some more awesome teachers!