Wednesday Word of the Day – Soirée

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An example of a French soirée!


One of the most interesting things about English, is the fact that many of our words actually belong to other languages! Having a wider vocabulary will give you more opportunities to express yourself. This week’s word is popular and always has a feeling of fun – take a look!


Soirée (noun)


Definition: an evening party or gathering, typically in a private house, for conversation or music.
The word soirée comes from French. The root – soir means evening. This word was popular in the 1800s but came back in fashion during the 2010s! An example of how to use soiree is used.
Abdullah:  “Are you planning on going to the soirée EC Los Angeles is planning on December 19th?”
Sayako: “Oh you mean the Winter Wonderland Dance! Yes it will be an evening party full of music, food and fun!”
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