Student Spotlight: Aleyda Fernanda Armenta Rios

Meet Aleyda from Mexico! She has been an ESL student in Los Angeles for 4 weeks and graduated today in the Intermediate level. Continue reading to find out what she thinks about our school. Name: Aleyda Fernanda Armenta Rios Nationality: Mexican Why did you choose to study with EC? Because this school is in Santa Monica, it has nice weather, great restaurants, shopping mall, nice people, beach, and movie theater. What do you like most about EC teachers? Because they are kind, funny, and really good teachers. 🙂 What will be your most unforgettable memory of EC? I make a lot of friends and live unforgettable moments. Would you recommend EC to a friend? Why? Yes of course, because I like education system in EC. In only one month I improve my English and now I can talk with other people.   Interested in learning about English classes in Los Angeles? Check out ECLA today!

Would you consider yourself loquacious?

Wednesday Word of the Day: Loquacious

One of the more beautiful aspects of English is that we have so many words to choose to describe different things. For example, if you come to school after not sleeping enough the night before, you could say your are tired, or sleepy – lethargic, listless, sluggish or even soporific! Today, we’ll learn a new word you’ll want to show off whenever you can! Loquacious (adjective) lo·qua·cious lōˈkwāSHəs/ Definition:talkative, talks a lot. The word Loquacious comes from the Latin root of “loqui”, which means to speak or “loquacis”, which means talkative. Loquacious is one of those big words that is not often used in daily English, but if you slip it in, you will sound really smart. Examples of loquacious used in a sentence EX 1: Peter: “Charlene is a loquacious teacher!”          Alice:  “Yes, she is always telling us stories about her life” EX 2: Ahmed is usually a quiet student, but when the class discusses sports, he becomes loquacious. Now you know the loquacious definition! Looking for full immersion language classes in Los Angeles? Visit ECLA today!

Graduation is every Friday at noon!

ECLA Activities 1/25 – 1/29

Below are ECLA Activities for this week! We have great activities for you to enjoy this week – take a look! Monday Welcome Drinks @ Barneys Beanery Time: 2:15PM Cost: $5+ Join some new arrivals and classmates who have been here for a while for some snacks and a drink! Barney’s Beanery is a famous Los Angeles restaurant! Tuesday EA Meet and Greet Location: To Be Determined – ask Lanz! Cost: Free!! Time: 1PM – 4PM Join Expedition America and mingle with international students from different ESL schools in the Santa Monica area! This is a great chance to make friends from other countries, and use your English in a natural setting! Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market Location: 2nd floor student lounge Cost: Free!! Time: 11:45AM – 12:20PM Have you ever been to a Farmers Market? Join EC to explore the different stands selling produce (fruits and vegetables) and other foods straight from near-by, California farms! It’s free to walk around, but you might want to bring some money to do a little shopping! Thursday Movie Night Cost: $15+ Time: 5:30PM Join your fellow students and some staff to watch a movie at the theater in the Promenade! Moive TBD (to be determined). Friday Graduation! Location: 2nd floor student lounge Time: 12:00 Cheer your graduating classmates on, and maybe win a trip to Las Vegas at the raffle! This week’s graduation will be in the park! Searching google for full immersion English courses in Los Angeles? Visit ECLA today!

Around LA 1/22 – 1/24

Friday Expedition America’s All White Party! Time: 9:30PM Cost: $20 pre sale, $30 at the door Location: Sambas @ Universal Citywalk Put on your best white outfit and party with other international students at this can’t-miss dance party! Ages 16+   Saturday dineLA Time: January 18 – January 31 Cost: $20+ Location: Various dineLA is your chance to try some of LA’s finest restaurants without burning your wallet! Make a reservation online to unlock a special menu for any cuisine!   Sunday Free Hike in Griffith Park on Beacon Trail Time: 7:30AM Cost: Free Location: Griffith Park Beacon Trail Trailhead For those who want a challenging hike, join Ranger Ernie and some other locals on a trek through the Los Angeles famous Griffith Park. This will be a 5-mile advanced hike, beginning from the Ranger Station and following the steep Beacon Trail.   Looking for some English classes in Los Angeles? Visit ECLA today!

Visit the mountains near LA!

Around LA 1/15 – 1/17

Have you made plans for the weekend yet? Check out what’s going on around LA January 15th to the 17th! Friday Paint, Drink and Laugh at Dysonna Time: 7PM – 9PM Cost: $25 (includes materials and wine!) Location: 5373 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90036 Paint, Drink and Laugh is your chance to let loose and try your hand at painting, while drinking wine and making new friends! No experience nor talent is necessary – just come with a good attitude!       Saturday Play in the snow at Mt. Baldy! While Los Angeles is know for its warm weather in winter, there are also snow-capped mountains just an hour or so away! Due to this year’s El Niño, Los Angeles has been seeing a lot more rain then usual; this means that the mountains have been getting more snow and snow elevation has dropped! Grab some friends and rent a car and head over to Mt. Baldy for some skiing, inner-tubing, snow-man making and more fun in the snow! Time: Daylight! (Tubing closes at 4:30PM) Cost: Free to visit the mountain! Location: Mt. Baldy, 8401 Mt Baldy Rd, Mt Baldy, CA 91759 Sunday Akira Kurosawa Double Feature (The Hidden Fortress and Throne of Blood) Time: 7:30PM Cost: $11 Location: Egyptian Theater, 6712 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA For all you film buffs (those who enjoy film) this is an opportunity you can not miss! Head over to the famous Egyptian theater in Hollywood, and watch a double feature of legendary director, Akira Kurosawa’s movies.   These are just some of the activities ECLA recommends for the weekend! Looking for another Los Angeles weekend activity? Stop by the front desk for some help planning!   Looking for some English classes in Los Angeles? Visit ECLA today!

Come to ECLA in the winter and enjoy the balmy weather!

Wednesday Word of the Day: “Balmy”

The best part about living in Los Angeles is, without a doubt, the amazing weather. While the rest of the United States is shivering in the cold and snow, Angelenos (and EC Los Angeles students) are enjoying the winter in the nice, warm sun. There are many ways to describe this weather, which brings us to today’s Wednesday Word of the Day…   Balmy (adjective) balm·y ˈbä(l)mē/ Definition: pleasantly warm. Instead of the long, hot days of summer, Los Angeles is enjoying a balmy winter, with temperatures as high as 68 degrees F (20 degrees C). The word balmy has is rooted in English. Here’s an example of how to use balmy in a sentence: George: How’s the weather today..should I bring a jacket? Martha: It’s quite balmy outside, a light sweater is enough! Looking for some full immersion English courses in Los Angeles? Visit ECLA today!

This week is Minkuk's last week as an intern for EC.

Goodbye Whimsical Intern, Minkuk!

    I am Minkuk Park working for ECLA as an administrative intern at the front desk. I am leaving here in 3days, finishing my 11-month internship program.  Someone might consider 11months is such a short term, but for me it is the long period which accounts for almost one 25th of my life. Nevertheless, at this moment writing down, I am not sure if my English is correct or not, writing and deleting repeatedly. In terms of my improvement of English, honestly I feel I have room to improve more, but this has been the best environment to improve my English, working with native speakers. It is because I am not so or aggressive towards my study of English, even though English is my first priority for me to come here. At which point, living in LA was like a safe harbor far away from severe unemployment crisis of South Korea where I am from. That is why, sometimes I am afraid of going back and struggling to get a job in Korea. Other than that, I am pretty excited to see my family and friends there. I cannot believe that this is it. I have truly enjoyed working as the intern’s position to be able to be close to the staff and even to students easily. I think I have drunk the amount of alcohol in LA to drink all my life. But, drinking is not all I did. I prepared and made the Marketing report for ECLA and gave the presentation to the staff which helped me develop my knowledge of marketing and presentation/business English. Recently I have been asked what I would miss the most here. I answered the In & Out (the burger place) or the diverse of kinds of drinks as a joke. But … Read more

Visit Las Vegas with Expedition America.

ECLA Activities 1/11 – 1/15

It’s Monday again, and we are entering the 2nd full week of 2016. With the holidays now over, and the new year starting, it’s time to learn and have fun!   Here are the activities for EC Los Angeles this week!   Monday Barneys Beanery Time: 2:00PM Cost: $5+ Join a teacher, new students and old students for a Monday afternoon drink and snack! Everyone is welcome! EC will provide some food! Tuesday Lakers Time: 4:00PM (16:00) Cost: $100 Join Expedition America and watch a Laker Game before Kobe Bryant retires! Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market Time: 11:45AM – 12:20PM Cost: Free! (Bring your own money if you want to buy anything!) Visit the Santa Monica Farmers Market on your lunch break for some fresh produce and other delicious treats. Here you can shop or just look around! Thursday Arcade @ Pacific Park (Pier) Time: 2:00PM (14:00) Cost: $5+ Do you like arcades? Let’s walk to the pier and play some air-hocky and video games! Friday Las Vegas 4 Days! Time: Leaves Friday Morning at 9:45AM Cost: $325 Join Expedition America and party in Las Vegas! You will have a chance to visit the Grand Canyon or dance at a club! This weekend is special because the trip will last for 4 days instead of 3!   Want to take some English classes in Los Angeles? Visit ECLA today! And check out some more ESL School Activities Los Angeles.