ECLA Activities 1/11 – 1/15

It’s Monday again, and we are entering the 2nd full week of 2016. With the holidays now over, and the new year starting, it’s time to learn and have fun!


Here are the activities for EC Los Angeles this week!



Barneys Beanery

Time: 2:00PM

Cost: $5+

Join a teacher, new students and old students for a Monday afternoon drink and snack! Everyone is welcome! EC will provide some food!

Make some new friends at Barney's Beanery!
Join us at Barney’s Beanery!



Time: 4:00PM (16:00)

Cost: $100

Join Expedition America and watch a Laker Game before Kobe Bryant retires!

Go Lakers!
Logo for the Los Angeles Lakers!


Santa Monica Farmers Market

Time: 11:45AM – 12:20PM

Cost: Free! (Bring your own money if you want to buy anything!)

Visit the Santa Monica Farmers Market on your lunch break for some fresh produce and other delicious treats. Here you can shop or just look around!

Visit the Santa Monica Farmers Market!
Farm Fresh produce and more!


Arcade @ Pacific Park (Pier)

Time: 2:00PM (14:00)

Cost: $5+

Do you like arcades? Let’s walk to the pier and play some air-hocky and video games!

Join us for some games at the Santa Monica Arcade.
Play some Air Hockey and Pinball at the arcade!


Las Vegas 4 Days!

Time: Leaves Friday Morning at 9:45AM

Cost: $325

Join Expedition America and party in Las Vegas! You will have a chance to visit the Grand Canyon or dance at a club! This weekend is special because the trip will last for 4 days instead of 3!

Visit Las Vegas with Expedition America.
Party down the Las Vegas Strip!


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