Wednesday Word of the Day: Heatwave

LA is experiencing a heatwave now!
Today’s word is Heatwave!
heat wave/ heatwave
Definition: a prolonged period of abnormally hot weather.
California, and especially Los Angeles, is known for it’s wonderful weather. While states like New York will see snow in the winter, Los Angeles stays around 70 f degrees (21 c) during the day! However, Los Angeles often experiences an increase in temperature. Take this week for example, every day the temperature is in the high 80s (high 20s c). When the weather is hot for more than 1 day, we call it a “heat wave!”
You can think of “heat wave” like you think about waves in the ocean. The wave comes building force (it gets hotter and hotter) until the wave finally breaks (it’s the hottest temperature you can imagine), the wave covers the sand and then slowly goes back to sea (the heat slowly cools down).
Opposite from a summer heat wave, which can be very humid, winter heat waves are usually very dry. Please make sure to drink a lot of water and use sun screen.
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