Meet Mako, Cheerful new ECLA Intern!

Meet Mako, the new ECLA intern!

Meet Mako, our new Intern!
Hi, everyone. My name is Mako. I am from Tokyo, Japan. I work in the front desk as an intern here.


Are you a university student? What do you study?

I was a junior in the university in Japan until January 2016.  I majored in International Relations, with a focus on Politics. But I am taking a long break for one year and I am here to see you!


Why do you work at EC English as an internship student?

  1. I want to improve my English skills.
  2. I want to touch many cultures and communicate with students from all over the world.

Here is the best place for me to do that!

I am very lucky to come here because my co-workers always help me and always smile and students are friendly!


What are you interested in?

I am interested in National Parks.  My most favorite park is the Grand Canyon. CA has a lot of National Parks.  So if you have good information about them, please tell me at the front desk!


 What do you like in LA?

I like everything! The weather is great, the beach is great, the people are kind and food is delicious.

In particular, I like watching the sun set over Santa Monica beach.


Do you play any sports?

I don’t play anything now. But I was a manager of the baseball team in the university, and I worked at the baseball stadium as a beer seller before I come here. I don’t play baseball, but I like watching baseball games very much! And also I played basketball for 6 years.


EC welcomes you, Mako! We hope you have a wonderful time here!


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