Wednesday Word of the Day: Marine Layer

2016 is the year for unusual weather in Southern California. In addition to the weather anomaly of El Niño, February had some record high heat and March is turning out to be unseasonably cold. This week, Los Angeles has been covered in a layer of fog, and this is due to today’s Wednesday Word of the Day….

A marine layer creates fog!
An example of the marine layer over San Francisco. (source)


Marine Layer

Definition: “A marine layer is a dense mass of cool, moist air that accumulates over the surface of large bodies of water, especially oceans. It is caused by a temperature inversion, meaning that the air close to the ground is colder, rather than warmer, while warm air above presses down on it, preventing it from dissipating.” (source) This marine layer is the cause of all this fog surrounding the city!


Example Sentence: Charlie: “Wow, Larissa, it sure is foggy and cold today!”

Larissa: “Yes, Charlie. The Marine Layer is settling in and keeping all the cold air close to us!”


Now you know the Marine Layer definition!