Wednesday Word of the Day: Spring Cleaning

New season means a time to clean!
The weather is warm, so it’s time for some deep cleaning!


noun:  spring–clean·ing \ˈspriŋ-ˈklē-niŋ\



Definition: to clean a place  or house thoroughly in the spring

Example ->  It’s time to do some spring cleaning  the house and air out the place.


Why It’s only “spring” cleaning  even though there are so many seasons like winter, summer, fall and spring? Because spring is kind of blooming symbol for everything like new life and new birth. And winter is kind of break season and sometimes it is considered as death of symbol.

So after taking long break time during the winter, our home has to take shower for new start !

Therefore many of countries are using this word in Iranians, North America, northern Europe and Greece etc. sometimes this word can be used organizing enterprises too.

Let’s take spring cleaning for your new start in LA.

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