Why repetition helps you learn!

Language Corner:  “Teacher, why are we doing this again?!”   

One of the most common complaints I hear from students about their classes is that the teacher is presenting language or grammar the students have already practiced.  I can understand the frustration –I love learning new things and I used to be very frustrated when my language class would practice grammar and words we had already spent time on in class.  But – did you know that repeating language points is a very important part in language learning?

Is this you when the teacher repeats something you have seen before?
Is this you when the teacher repeats something you have seen before?

Why does the teacher need to repeat language points that have already been presented?

Imagine that on Monday your teacher teaches you twelve new words.  On Tuesday, the teacher asks you to think back and remember the words you already know.  Do you remember all twelve new words?  Or maybe just one or two?

Most people only remember one or two words.   The way to really learn all twelve, however, is by reviewing them.  Most people will need to review new words a number of times before they remember them easily.

It’s the same with grammar.  Grammar rules and structures also need review for students to be 100% with them.  If you recognize the structure, but are still making some mistakes, then you definitely need the review!

This is good advice!

Additionally, grammar structures may seem simple at first, but once you are 100% with the simple form, it’s easier to learn more complicated aspects of similar grammar structures.

For example, many students know that present continuous is correct for these two sentences:

“I’m studying in LA right now.”

“I’m visiting San Diego this weekend.”

But did you know that using present continuous is also correct for the sentence below?
“He’s always interrupting me when I talk.”

This is a more complicated use of present continuous (using present continuous for actions that annoy the speaker) that is usually taught at Upper Int/Adanced level and above.

The only way to be 100% with more complicated grammar points is to be 100% with the easier ones!

So the next time your teacher asks you to review something you’ve already studied in class, thank them!  This means they’re a good teacher and they’re trying to help you become the best English speaker you can be!

Repetition is the key to mastery!
Repeating information helps you remember!


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