Visit a food truck at First Fridays in Venice Beach!

Try some new eats today!
You can find all kinds of foods from the many food trucks in LA!

Sure we know that you’re all here to learn English, but if you’re like me, JUST as important a reason to travel is food!  If you’re looking for something tasty that is typical of Los Angeles cuisine, you must become familiar with the Food Truck Scene.  Maybe ten years ago, food trucks were thought of as dirty and unhealthy but now, there are some really amazing food trucks serving incredible food.

For a great introduction to the Food Truck scene, I would visit Abbot Kinney blvd in Venice Beach on the First Friday of every month.    Here you can not only choose from several food trucks but also visit many of the cool and trendy shops in the area.  Maybe you’ll even run into a celebrity!

May 6th is the next one.  Put it on your calendar!


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