Weekly Activities: May 9-13

Happy Monday, wonderful students. Take a look at this week’s activity calendar! Remember to sign-up for EC Los Angeles Activities on the sign-up sheet posted at the Activity Corner!   Wednesday **Featured Activity** Dinner in Santa Monica $15+ 5:30PM -> This week, EC Los Angeles’ featured activity is “Dinner in Santa Monica”! Join Trevor after class for an evening of good food and good conversation at a local restaurant.   Thursday Dodgers $75 Join Expedition America and head over to Dodger Stadium to watch a game of Baseball! Buy a Dodger Dog, sit back and watch the Dodgers crush the New York Mets. Weekend San Diego Tour $265+ Expedition America is taking a trip south to San Diego. The trip leaves Friday morning and will return Sunday evening. Get ready to visit Coronado Island, La Jolla, the Gaslamp Quarter and much, much more. Sign-up with Lanz!   Are you our Activity Champion? Join all four of this month’s *Featured Activities* and get the chance to win a $25 gift card!   Looking for a Los Angeles English School? Visit EC Los Angeles today!

Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexico!

What is Cinco de Mayo?

Today is the 5th of May – also known as Cinco de Mayo! While some people use this day as an excuse to overindulge in tacos, we wanted to find out what this day is really about!   While some people confuse Cinco de Mayo as a celebration of Mexico’s independence (this actually happened on September 16), this holiday is actually a celebration of the Battle of Puebla, where Mexicans defeated the french army, which outnumbered the Mexicans by over 2000 soldiers!   Cinco de Mayo is not as widely celebrated in Mexico as it is in the United States. The holiday became popular here as Chicano-Americas looked for ways to feel closer and connect to their Mexican heritage. This is why on May 5th, we celebrate Mexican culture by eating Mexican food, listening to Mexican music and giving respect to the Mexican culture!   Do you want to learn ESL in Los Angeles? Visit ECLA today!