ECLA Student Testimonial: Mariam Grigoryan

Name: Mariam Grigoryan Nationality: Russian Why did you choose to study with EC? I believe that this school is one of the best schools to study the English language. What do you like most about EC teachers? The teachers are very friendly and open in communication and in any unclear/incomprehensible … Read more

Wednesday Word of the Day: Global Warming

  Global Warming noun  Definition: A gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, CFCs, and other pollutants. As the years go by, each summer in the West coast (Best coast! … Read more

Hasmik is ECLA'S newest staff member!

Welcome Hasmik, new staff at ECLA!

My name is Hasmik Piliposyan and I am a recent political science graduate of the University of California, Irvine. I am a new employee here at EC Los Angeles and I am thrilled to learn and grow in the fast-paced, intellectual environment EC offers to its employees. My interests involve reading, geek … Read more

Wednesday Word of the Day: Pier

                                                                            Pier noun Definition: A structure supported on pillars leading out to sea and used as an entertainment area, typically incorporating arcades and places to eat.  In the hot Los Angeles summers, a fun tourist destination is Sa … Read more

Join us for a sunset Pool Party!

ECLA Weekly Activities June 13 – 17

Here are the ECLA Weekly Activities June 13 – 17. Please sign-up on the sign-up sheet posted in the Activity Corner!   Monday $1 Swim Annenberg Beach House  Time: 2:00PM Cost: $1 Mondays are arguably the hardest day of the week! Finish it off with a relaxing swim at beautiful Annenberg Be … Read more

Word of the day: What is an “ARM AND A LEG”?

Take the time to practice this commonly used idiom!   An “arm and a leg” is mostly used in financial-related settings and situations, meaning something is very expensive.    Here is an example that shows how to use the expression properly. —————&#8 … Read more

Join us for a sunset Pool Party!

ECLA Weekly Activities June 7 – June 10

Happy Monday! This week, EC Los Angeles has some exciting activities planned! Please sign-up in the Activity Corner.   Tuesday Oakwood BBQ/ Barrington Dinner Time: 6:30PM Student living in Oakwood and Aqua are invited to a community bonding BBQ with Paul! Grab your swimsuit and join us by the p … Read more

Meet Xiwei from China!

ECLA Student Testimonial: Xiwei Lu

  Name: Xiwei Lu Nationality: China Why did you choose to study with EC? I decided to go to ECLA for learning Englishh because ECLA is located in Santa Monica. The weather is very good in each season and here is more convenience than other city. It is very cloes to 3rd street of Santa Monica. T … Read more

Come bowl with EC Los Angeles!

Weekly Activities June 1 – June 3

Happy Wednesday, ECLA’ers!   I can’t believe it, but we are now halfway though the year! The weather is warming and EC Los Angeles is preparing for a busy summer full of English and Fun! To kick off the new month, EC will hold its popular Bowling Activity at Bowlmor Santa Monica thi … Read more