ECLA Student Testimonial: Mariam Grigoryan

Name: Mariam Grigoryan Nationality: Russian Why did you choose to study with EC? I believe that this school is one of the best schools to study the English language. What do you like most about EC teachers? The teachers are very friendly and open in communication and in any unclear/incomprehensible situation are always ready to help. Lessons are held in a very pleasant atmosphere and each lesson is unique.Teachers never allow us to get bored. They always consider our preferences. What will be your most unforgettable memory of EC? Certainly, the school is located in one of the most beautiful cities in California. Every day was special, unforgettable, and memorable. I learned a lot of new information and met the most interesting people. I made many new friends from different countries. As the school is so conducive, I would wait impatiently for the next lesson. Would you recommend EC to a friend? Why? When I come back to my country, I will definitely recommend this school to my friends and relatives and come back here again. The most important thing for me was to overcome conversational hurdles. I have improved in my conversational skills. I am happy to have this experience in my life. Thanks for everything you do! I will keep fond memories of you.   Great job, Mariam!! Do you want to learn ESL in Los Angeles? Visit ECLA today!  

Wednesday Word of the Day: Global Warming

  Global Warming noun  Definition: A gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, CFCs, and other pollutants. As the years go by, each summer in the West coast (Best coast!) becomes hotter and more unbearable to walk outside without feeling like you just stepped into a sauna. Reports tell us there will be a rise in temperature in the coming years and a rise in sea levels due to the melting ice caps in the Arctic. Global Warming is not a good thing, but while it’s hot, it is the perfect time to head over to the beach in Santa Monica or Newport and enjoy the beautiful ocean breezes. Don’t forget your 100 SPF sunscreen! Each following year in the 2000s has been the warmest in history. This means, 2001 was hotter than 2000, 2002 was hotter than 2001 etc. That is when we question the major effects of global warming and how the giant, gaping hole in our ozone is critical to the earth’s future and its organisms. Some causes of global warming include burning fossil fuels, forest destruction, and methane released from landfills and agriculture. 2015 was recognized as the hottest year ever. 2016 may take first place this year! Did you enjoy today’s Word of the Day? Want to learn ESL in Los Angeles? Visit ECLA today!

Hasmik is ECLA'S newest staff member!

Welcome Hasmik, new staff at ECLA!

My name is Hasmik Piliposyan and I am a recent political science graduate of the University of California, Irvine. I am a new employee here at EC Los Angeles and I am thrilled to learn and grow in the fast-paced, intellectual environment EC offers to its employees. My interests involve reading, geeking out in history and politics, singing, watching hours of Russel Peters comedy, and of course the obvious, hanging with the home skillet biscuits. AKA, my friends. You know how people bring gifts like perfume and gift cards to birthdays? Well, I get books. Yup, I got a book about the Middle East and Arab Uprisings about a week ago during my birthday. It was the greatest gift in the world, don’t get me wrong here. Anyways, don’t mean to be too random, I enjoy speaking and learning the Arabic language very much and I hope to be fluent by next year.

Wednesday Word of the Day: Pier

                                                                            Pier noun Definition: A structure supported on pillars leading out to sea and used as an entertainment area, typically incorporating arcades and places to eat.  In the hot Los Angeles summers, a fun tourist destination is Santa Monica and the city’s fashion, dining, and beach district. The Santa Monica pier, located above the beach, is brimming with savvy street performers, a thrilling amusement park for children and adults, and yummy dining destinations such as Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and Pier Burger. Not to mention the elegant form of name-painting with just a small, soft sponge and an array of exotic colors! Luckily, EC Los Angeles is a short walking distance from the Santa Monica pier, which allows our students the opportunity to explore the bustling city, take long walks on the beach, or adventure with a fishing pole after class-time. Did you enjoy today’s Word of the Day? Want to learn ESL in Los Angeles? Visit ECLA today!

Join us for a sunset Pool Party!

ECLA Weekly Activities June 13 – 17

Here are the ECLA Weekly Activities June 13 – 17. Please sign-up on the sign-up sheet posted in the Activity Corner!   Monday $1 Swim Annenberg Beach House  Time: 2:00PM Cost: $1 Mondays are arguably the hardest day of the week! Finish it off with a relaxing swim at beautiful Annenberg Beach House! In addition to a beautiful swimming pool, the Annenberg Beach House boasts a gym, volleyball nets, a yummy restaurant and lounge chairs in the sand! Wednesday EC Movie Night  Time: 5:45PM Cost: Free! Let’s watch a movie at EC! Join us for some Netflix and Popcorn!   Friday Hiking with Ama @ Corral Canyon Time: 2:00PM Cost: Free (just help pay for Uber) This is this week’s *highlighted* activity! Join Ama for a beautiful afternoon hike in Corral Canyon in Malibu. Wear good walking shoes and welcome the weekend off right!     Are you ECLA’s next Activity Champion?! Join each featured activity in a month and be entered for a chance to win a $25 gift card!   Do you want to learn ESL in Los Angeles? Visit ECLA today!

Word of the day: What is an “ARM AND A LEG”?

Take the time to practice this commonly used idiom!   An “arm and a leg” is mostly used in financial-related settings and situations, meaning something is very expensive.    Here is an example that shows how to use the expression properly. —————– A: “I really like your new handbag!” B: “Thank you! I just bought it, even though it cost an arm and a leg.” —————– Here is one more example. A: “Hey Brad, would you like to travel to Europe together?” B: “Sure Alex, I would love to. I always wanted to go to Europe, but did not want to travel alone.” A: “Awesome, I just hope the airline tickets and hotel reservations don’t cost an arm and a leg!”   Are you interested in  EC Los Angeles? We promise it won’t cost an arm and a leg! Visit us!

Join us for a sunset Pool Party!

ECLA Weekly Activities June 7 – June 10

Happy Monday! This week, EC Los Angeles has some exciting activities planned! Please sign-up in the Activity Corner.   Tuesday Oakwood BBQ/ Barrington Dinner Time: 6:30PM Student living in Oakwood and Aqua are invited to a community bonding BBQ with Paul! Grab your swimsuit and join us by the pool for a fun evening! (Free, but you are encouraged to bring food to share!) Students living in Barrington are encouraged to join us for a community bonding dinner near the Plaza. This is your chance to meet other EC students living in the complex! (bring money for dinner!)   Wednesday Sunset Swim @ Annenberg Beach House (18+) Time: 5:45PM Cost: $10 The weather is warming up and nothing feels better than a night swim! Head down to the Annenberg Beach House for a fun night-swim filled with food, music and some activities. This event is for students 18 years and older 🙂   Thursday Artwalk in Downtown LA Time: 4:00PM Cost: just pay train fare! Join Trevor for a ride on the new EXPO train line to the Downtown LA Artwalk. Visit the cool art scene downtown and experience the culture of Los Angeles! Friday EC25 Beach BBQ!!! Where: Mother’s Beach in Marina Del Rey Time: 5:45PM Cost: Free! EC turns 25 years old this year!! Join us for a celebration birthday party! EC will be providing a BBQ – come and enjoy! For those who want to bike, Paul will be leading a bike ride from EC to Mother’s beach at 5:45PM. Trevor will be going by bus! Sign-up by JUNE 8 (WEDNESDAY)!!     Looking for a Los Angeles English School? Visit ECLA today!

Meet Xiwei from China!

ECLA Student Testimonial: Xiwei Lu

  Name: Xiwei Lu Nationality: China Why did you choose to study with EC? I decided to go to ECLA for learning Englishh because ECLA is located in Santa Monica. The weather is very good in each season and here is more convenience than other city. It is very cloes to 3rd street of Santa Monica. Therefore, I can go shopping and eat any country food for my life. Especially, ECLA has a great faculty and infrastructure. What do you like most about EC teachers? Most teachers have many years of teaching experience. They know that how to teach us for improving our level. Therefore, I feel easy to understand teacher’s explanation. If i had some situation, EC teachers would help me and solve my situation at first time. What will be your most unforgettable memory of EC? There are some activities and some entertainment opportunities in ECLA every week. Such as, Six Flags, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, and weekend party etc. Would you recommend EC to a friend? Why? Of course, I have to suggest my friend to go to ECLA. In addition to the natural environment and geographical location, ECLA has set a variety of courses to help us and raise the survival, English and Business English level.   Today’s student testimonial is very special. Xiwei started courses in the Elementary level. Within 6 months, he has jumped 2 more levels and now studies in our special Blended English class for intermediate. Great job, Xiwei!!   Do you want to learn ESL in Los Angeles? Visit ECLA today!  

Come bowl with EC Los Angeles!

Weekly Activities June 1 – June 3

Happy Wednesday, ECLA’ers!   I can’t believe it, but we are now halfway though the year! The weather is warming and EC Los Angeles is preparing for a busy summer full of English and Fun! To kick off the new month, EC will hold its popular Bowling Activity at Bowlmor Santa Monica this Friday! Join Trevor and your fellow students for bowling with a night-club atmosphere.   To sign-up for this and any other activity, please write your name on the sign-up sheet that will be posted on the boards in the Activity Corner near the 3rd floor diagonally across from Room 303!   Are you our next activity champion? Each week, EC will hold a *featured* activity – this week is Bowling! If you attend each featured activity in a month, you will be entered to win a $25 gift card! So, grab your friends and sign-up today!   Learn ESL in Los Angeles! Visit ECLA today!