Welcome Hasmik, new staff at ECLA!

My name is Hasmik Piliposyan and I am a recent political science graduate of the University of California, Irvine. I am a new employee here at EC Los Angeles and I am thrilled to learn and grow in the fast-paced, intellectual environment EC offers to its employees. My interests involve reading, geeking out in history and politics, singing, watching hours of Russel Peters comedy, and of course the obvious, hanging with the home skillet biscuits. AKA, my friends.

You know how people bring gifts like perfume and gift cards to birthdays? Well, I get books. Yup, I got a book about the Middle East and Arab Uprisings about a week ago during my birthday. It was the greatest gift in the world, don’t get me wrong here. Anyways, don’t mean to be too random, I enjoy speaking and learning the Arabic language very much and I hope to be fluent by next year.

Hasmik is ECLA'S newest staff member!
Straddling the border of Armenia and Turkey – at the ancient site of Ani!