Wednesday Word of the Day: “Goody Two-Shoes”

Wednesday Word of the Day

“Goody Two-Shoes”

The popular idiom comes from a nursery tale called The History of Little Goody Two-Shoes, published in 1765. The book is based on a poor orphan named Margery who has one shoe. One day, a rich relative takes pity and buys her a second shoe. Margery is so thrilled to finally have a pair of shoes that she runs around screaming, “Two shoes, ma’am, two shoes!”. She eventually becomes a teacher, marries a rich man, and helps the poor.

Based on the story, there is some connection between the book’s purpose and the meaning of the popular idiom today! Nowadays, using the phrase usually implies an individual that tries to be as good and “clean” as humanly possible. These individuals believe that they harness righteous thoughts and actions. Don’t worry though, the idiom is actually a positive connotation and fun to throw around in conversation when you want to get your friends to try new adventures with you!

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