ECLA Jack O' Lanterns!

ECLA Jack O’ Lantern Contest 2016!

On Thursday, October 28th, EC Los Angeles held it’s annual Jack O’ Lantern making contest! Each classroom received a pumpkin and a carving kit and competed for the top prize!   “What is a Jack O’ Lantern?” you might ask. Well, a Jack O’ Lantern is a lantern made by scooping out the guts of a pumpkin and carving into it. Traditionally, we put the Jack O’ Lanterns in front of our houses and light a candle inside. The pumpkin then glows and becomes a light source.   This year, we had so many wonderful entries, it was difficult to choose just one winner. Instead, we have prizes for Scariest Pumpkin, Most Creative Pumpkin and Overall Best Pumpkin. Congratulations to our Intermediate 3 class for having the winning pumpkin! The class won a Pizza Party!!   Check out the photos below to see what this year’s EC Los Angeles students made!     Are you studying English and looking for a Homestay in Los Angeles? Visit ECLA

Brazilian student testimonial ECLA

NAME:Marcelo Jesus Biazotto Martins Nationality:Brazilian   Why do you like choose to study with EC? Last year, I came to LA for 10 days and I fell love in this city. That’s why I decided to come to study and stay here more time. Everybody knows that ECLA is a great school and I decide to choose the best.   What do you like most about EC teachers? They are very kind and professional.I need to mention about Charlene and Steve.They are awesome and I’ll miss them.   What will be your most unforgettable memory of EC The classes are interactive and fun.   Would you recommend EC to a friend? Why? Of course! It’s a great and serious school. I love to study here and I intend to comeback in the future. ——————————————————————————————- Thank you,Marcelo! We are happy that you had a good time with us 🙂 We are looking forward to seeing you again.   Searching google for Brazilian Student Testimonial ECLA? Read through our blog to find more student spotlights from students all over the world!

An example of an apparition.

Wednesday Word of the Day: Apparition

Ap·pa·ri·tion /ˌapəˈriSH(ə)n/ Apparition Definition: an apparition is a ghost or a ghost-like image of a person. The word comes from Latin apparitio and apparere. The first written record of apparition used to mean ghost dates all the way to around the year 1600! Some might confuse the word apparition with the word appearance; but just remember that apparition is used for when something is startling or shocking. Appearance is used when something that was not there or could not be seen, can suddenly be seen! Examples of Apparition in a sentence: – “Last night I suddenly woke up at 2AM and saw an apparition! She told me to make sure to clean my fingernails in the morning!!” – Last Halloween, my brother visited an old, haunted house. An apparition appeared and scared him so much, he ran away.” Have you ever seen an apparition? Halloween is coming up, watch out for ghostly apparitions! Looking for a Homestay in Los Angeles? Talk to ECLA today!

Meet Keisuke, student services intern!

Meet Keisuke, our newest Student Services Intern!

  “Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Keisuke Nishida from Japan. I will work with you until the 24th of February 2017. There are still many things I will have to learn. I will do the best to be able to work quickly and certainly. Although I cannot speak English very well, I hope to improve my English in the next six months. Next, I will write about myself. I am 20, and a university student in Tokyo. I am majoring in business studies with a focus on study economics, accounting, English and so on. I also like activities. I have played badminton since I was in elementary school. Now, I am in a badminton club at my university, so I brought my racket from Japan. In addition, I like snowboarding. Every winter I go mountains to do. Therefore, I like playing and watching a lot of sports and activities so, I will be glad if you invite me to your plans. Also, I work at a night club in Tokyo. There are a lot of staffs and guests from other countries except Japan, so I have to speak English to communicate them. The reasons that I decided to work there are to improve my English and make new friends from all over the world. Thanks to this experience, I was inspired to learn English, and I felt more positive. After that I decided I want to work in US after graduation. And before working, I thought it is important to recognize business communication and working style while improving my English, therefore I decided to join the internship with EC Los Angeles. I am looking forward to joining you. I am looking forward to enjoying talking with people from all over the world and making new friends. Good … Read more