What is Thanksgiving day?

Hi, I am a Japanese intern, Mako. How was your thanksgiving weekend? It was my first time to spend a thanksgiving day in US. Honestly, all I knew about this holiday was just ”people eat turkey”. But now I know more things, so I would like to share my experience on thanksgiving day.   First of all, what is Thanksgiving day? According to Wikipedia,”Thanksgiving Day is a public holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. It originated as a harvest festival. Thanksgiving has been celebrated nationally on and off since 1789, after a proclamation by George Washinton. It has been celebrated as a federal holiday every year since 1863, when, during the American Civil War,President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of “Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens,” to be celebrated on the last Thursday in November.”   On Thanksgiving day, I joined parties which were held by my friend’s relatives. In the party, there were various dishes on the big table and main dishes were turkeys and some kinds of pies. People usually put cranberry sauce and gravy sauce on some pieces of turkey and mushed potato. Before starting eating, people make a circle with their hands holding next people’s hands and one person gave a brief speech.In the speech, he thanked for everything and the others nodded what he said. Then we started helping ourselves and enjoyed eating them with a chat.     I noticed that the main things on this day are not to eat turkeys, but to get together with your families, make sure they’re doing well and make sure how people around yourself are important in your life. Thanksgiving is the day you remind of important thing and you spend precious time with someone you love.   Happy Thanksgiving! I … Read more

See Seu Jorge on Sunday!

Around LA – Thanksgiving Weekend 2016!

Hey everyone! Have you made plans for the long Thanksgiving weekend LA yet?   Here is what’s happening around the city!   Thursday Burbank Community YMCA Trot Thanksgiving Day means eating lots of turkey! Walk off the Thanksgiving lunch at a Burbank YMCA 5K/10K! The cost is $45 on the day of the race, but all proceeds go to the YMCA – a community center system! Friday Black Friday Shopping This is your chance to do all of your Christmas shopping and find some great deals! Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year, so please be careful but have fun! Green Friday All the state parks will be open for free this Friday! Go out and explore the lovely nature that California has to offer! Saturday Artists and Fleas Venice Have you ever been to a flea market? Trek on down to the Abbot Kinney for the popular Artists and Fleas flea market. Look at the cool artisan crafts and vintage clothes stands! Sunday Seu Jorge After a long weekend full food and joy, let’s relax with the cool sounds of the famous Brazillian band, Seu Jorge. They’ll be playing at The Theatre at the Ace Hotel!   Looking for a homestay in Los Angeles? Visit ECLA today!  

Let's celebrate Thanksgiving!

Word of the Day Wednesday: Gobble!

  Gobble Gobble, what’s that sound? This is the sound a turkey makes! But, is that all? No! The word Gobble can also be used when eating! Take a look below.   gob·ble /ˈɡäbəl/ Verb: To eat something hurriedly and noisily. or Use a large amount of something quickly. or Incorporate or take over something smaller. Example sentences using gobble: “Oh my, on Thanksgiving, I’m going to gobble up so much turkey, I might be sick!”                                                  “Some workers were cutting down trees in front of my office building yesterday. They had a machine that gobbled the branches and spit out wood chips! It was so efficient.”                                                  “Blake Tech is such a successful company – it’s gobbling up all its competition!” This Thanksgiving, whether you’re gobbling up delicious food or gobbling like a turkey, we at EC Los Angeles hope you have a fantastic, safe and delicious holiday! Looking for a homestay in Los Angeles? Visit EC Los Angeles today!

A rule used in the U.S.!

Monday Metrics – why doesn’t the U.S. use the Metric System?

Have you noticed that the United States uses a different system of measurement the rest of the world? Have you ever wondered why we use them? Well, we have done a little research for you…. Why most of the world uses the common Metric System, the United States, Liberia and Myanmar continue to use a system based on the Imperial System. The Metric system is based off units of the power of 10. The American version of the Imperial system (the inch) is based on 2s. In the late ninteenth century, the rest of the world began adopting the uniform metric system The reason is because having the same unit of measure in different countries would make communication easier – it’s almost like speaking the same language. So, why didn’t the United States join? Well, at that time, the US was becoming dependent on machinery, and all of this machinery was made based on the US version of the Imperial unit of measure. It would have been very expensive to convert and rebuild everything according to the Metric system, so industrialist (the people who made and used the machines) worked hard to block the change. They succeeded! To this day, the U.S. continues to use its own system of measurement!   Looking for a homestay in Los Angeles experience? Check out EC Los Angeles today!

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Student Spotlight: Aya Aljuhani

Name: Aya Aljuhani Nationality: Saudi Arabia Why did you choose to study with EC? The location! The beach! What do you like most about EC teachers? They were all very nice and always willing to help. What will be your most unforgettable memory of EC On my birthday, when the whole class sang “Happy Birthday” the moment I entered. Would you recommend EC to a friend? Why? Yes. It’s the most fun and professional English school in Santa Monica.   We at EC Los Angeles are so sad to see Aya leave us, but we wish her much luck and happiness as she starts her new adventure as a university student! Want to read more Saudi Student Testimonials and testimonials from students from other countries? Peruse through our EC Los Angeles Blog and read about our students’ experiences.   Looking for a homestay in Los Angeles? Visit ECLA today!

Ice Skating by the beach?!

Around LA 11/4 – 11/6/2016

He EC Los Angelenos! Here is what is going on this weekend around the city! Check out these great Los Angeles Activities: Friday ICE at Santa Monica Today is the opening day for the seasonal favorite, ICE at Santa Monica! Have you ever dreamed of Ice Skating when it’s 80F (26C) degrees outside? Well here is your chance…Grab a friend and head over to 5th Street and Arizona, and skate the night away. Friday Hours: 2:00PM – Midnight Skate Rental: $15 Saturday Festival of Flight Come celebrate aviation with a festival full of food trucks, static aircraft, a beer garden and more! This festival has free admission, but bring money for food and games! Where: Long Beach Airport Time: 10AM – 2PM Cost: Free, just bring money for food and fun! Sunday Dapper Day at Disneyland It’s that time again! Come dressed up in your most sophisticated outfits and celebrate old-timey style and cars. Ride Space Mountain, eat a churro, and take pictures with Mickey and your other Dapper friends!   Where: Disneyland in Anaheim Cost: $105