Word of the Day Wednesday: Gobble!

Let's celebrate Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving!


Gobble Gobble, what’s that sound?

This is the sound a turkey makes! But, is that all? No!

The word Gobble can also be used when eating! Take a look below.


Verb: To eat something hurriedly and noisily.
Use a large amount of something quickly.
Incorporate or take over something smaller.
Example sentences using gobble: “Oh my, on Thanksgiving, I’m going to gobble up so much turkey, I might be sick!”
                                                 “Some workers were cutting down trees in front of my office building yesterday. They had a machine that gobbled the branches and spit out wood chips! It was so efficient.”
                                                 “Blake Tech is such a successful company – it’s gobbling up all its competition!”
This Thanksgiving, whether you’re gobbling up delicious food or gobbling like a turkey, we at EC Los Angeles hope you have a fantastic, safe and delicious holiday!
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