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Around LA: Dec 9 – Dec 11

Here is what’s going on in LA this weekend! Friday Enchanted: Forest of Light Location: Descanso Gardens Price: $24-$28 Time: 5:00PM Just in time for the winter holidays, Descanso Gardens has created and amaizng, interactive illumination. Visit the famous gardens at night and walk through a whimsical, lit-up botanical garden. Saturday Bergamot Station Holiday Open House Location: Bergamot Station in Santa Monica Price: Freeeeee Bergamot Station is a collection of art galleries in Santa Monica. Bergamot was a real rail station on on the steam powered Los Angeles and Independcnce Railroad. For many years, the railroad was out of use until this year when the station reopened as a stop on the Expo line.   Come to this fun activity, visit galleries for free and check out the new art being created in Los Angeles!   Sunday Renegade Craft Fair Location: Grand Park (Downtown Los Angeles) Cost: Free (bring money to buy things) Still looking for holiday presents? Visit this famous craft fair and see what modern artisans are making! It’s free to walk around, but bring some money to buy some crafts.   Looking for Homestay English courses in Los Angeles? Visit ECLA today!

Time to say goodbye to Japanese intern,Mako

      Hi I’m Mako.   I have been working as an intern at EC since the beginning of February.Then as my time at EC comes to an end, I want to say thank you through our blog. I am now typing while looking back days in Los Angeles and it slightly brings me tears….   At the beginning of my internship, all I could do were honestly just to say “Hi!” with a smile and eat and drink a lot like a vacuum. I could not even speak English enough and I had been losing a confidence toward myself day by day. However, at that time, coworkers, teachers and even students helped me and cheered me up.Even though my position is to help students and support them, I would say that students rather help me, cheer me up all the time, even now. Coworkers often took me out for drinks and let me join a lot of events. Teachers made everywhere at school like classrooms to learn English for me. Students hanged out with me frequently and sometimes gave me letters and presents. I don’t know how many times I felt that I am really happy to work here and that I made a great and right decision which brought me to this place. Without even one person, everything won’t be same. l cannot thank you enough. I really feel myself a lucky person from the bottom of my heart!   Before I moved to LA, I was a general and typical university student in Japan.  I would wake up late, go to classes and work until the midnight or drink until the midnight. That was my daily life before. But for the past 10 months, my life has been totally changed.  I meet new people every Monday and … Read more

Do you remember things in hindsight?

Wednesday Word of the Day: Hindsight

hind·sight /ˈhīn(d)ˌsīt/ noun Definition: understanding of a situation or event after it has happened or developed. The word hindsight is a fairly recent word originating in the 1800s. One of the first documentations of the word actually refers to “backsight” as in “backsight of a firearm.” The word hind is synonymous with back. Later on in the century, we have documentation of hindsight originating in 1862. According to (the source of this information), hindsight may have been created as joke opposite word to foresight, meaning guessing what might happen in the future. Example sentences using hindsight: –  “In hindsight, I shouldn’t have eaten an entire pumpkin pie – now I feel really sick!” – When I started college, I immediately declared a physics major, but in hindsight, I realize I should have waited to try other subjects. I want to be a biology major!” Have you ever looked back on an experience in hindsight? Looking for Homestay English courses in Los Angeles? Check out ECLA today!

Las Vegas Report from our intern,Keisuke

  From Nov 24th to 27th, I went to Las Vegas, which is called “City of sin Casino” .haha. This was my 3rd time there,but actually, it was my 1st time after my 21st birthday to go to night clubs and casinos. Also, I planed to meet my friend from UCI there.That’s why I was so excited before going there. I will describe my experience there day by day.   1st Day (11/24) We got there around 6, then we checked in to the Luxor hotel. I met my friend there and we ate dinner at Panda Express before going to a famous nightclub. Then, we went to Hakkasan finally! I had heard of the name before because I think it is the no.1 awesome nightclub in Las Vegas. Before we got there, we enjoyed a few drinks at the hotel. I knew all drinks are expensive there. For example, 1 bottle of beer is $11, Vokka and Redbull are $25…..We were able to get in the club as VIP guests, so I didn’t have to wait for a long time, but I was surprised at too strict dress code. As soon as I entered there, I was surprised again at the very huge room. Although it was not so crowded because it was still early, more and more people were coming later.I had a really great time with my friend and talked to some strangers in English.They were soooooo drank lol. We were there until 1:30 and went back to our hotel.   2nd day (11/25) We didn’t have a plenty of time to recover our conditions, but we managed to get up at 6 to go to Grand Canyon!! It was also my 3rd time haha. It took 6 hours including a break time. We got there at … Read more

Welcome 2017!

Welcome to December – An ECLA year in Review

  Can you believe it’s already December? Here is a review of EC Los Angeles 2016! This year at EC Los Angeles has been full of many interesting and exciting changes. In the beginning of this year, we welcomed our popular intern, Mako from Japan (who will be leaving us shortly!). In the second quarter, EC rolled out its Orange Carpet Experience initiative and EC Los Angeles began holding its weekly Welcome Activity at Venice Beach. It has been our mission this year to deliver excellent customer service. In the spring, EC Los Angeles welcomed famous Brazilian actress, Mariana Ximenes who left with glowing reviews of our school! Summer brought our biggest student enrollment of the year for both the adult and Juniors program! We welcomed and said goodbye to a new intern from Korea, Charis, and held a wonderful Beach Luau Party! In September, Keisuke from Japan joined the intern roster and Angie became our new Assistant Director of Studies, replacing Christina who is now pursuing her Masters Degree in England! In November, our students were able to experience an important American election – this was a great to chance to learn about American culture. Now we are at the end of the year. The weather is actually a little chilly during the day, and some of the trees are changing color. This year, we had many fun events from Japanese Cultural Days to American Holiday celebrations (like Halloween and Thanksgiving!). We hope everyone will enjoy the week long break at the end of the month, and we look forward to having you study with us next year! Most importantly, we would like to thank all the students who came to study with us – you are what makes EC great! 2016 has been a roller coaster, but we at … Read more