Ashley, an SSC, will leave on the 24th!

ECLA says “farewell” to Ashley, beloved SSC

  EC Los Angeles is sad to say goodbye to Ashley Uy, who has been with EC Los Angeles for two years.  Shortly after coming on board, she took on the role of leading our Young Learner Program, which she has successfully executed over the last two years. Ashley’s last day will be Tuesday, 24 January 2017, but she will back this summer to run the ECLA Young Learner’s Program at UCLA. We would like to thank her for her hard work and enthusiasm. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors and appreciate her dedication over the last two years. Here are a few words that from Ashley. “I’d like to bid a sad farewell to my EC family. I have been a Student Services Coordinator for nearly 2 years, and I am grateful for every moment of it. The experience has given me many valuable lessons and skills that I will use in my future endeavors. I am leaving my SSC role so that I can be back in the elementary classroom working with children. HOWEVER… my time with EC is not quite done! I will still run our Young Learners program for the 3rd time this summer, so you’re not seeing the last of me yet. Thank you to my ECLA family and everyone with whom I’ve had the pleasure of interacting. Cheers to next steps and new challenges!”   We will miss Ashley very much and we hope you get a chance to stop by the front desk and say goodbye! Thanks again, Ashley!

Dennis, Student Services Manager.

ECLA Student Services Manager, Dennis, says “Goodbye!”

  After 3.5 years with the company, Dennis Nguyen, our Student Services Manager has decided to move on to new challenges.  Dennis began his career with EC English in the Los Angeles center and has since worked all over North America!  Dennis is a big part of the EC Family and has been key in helping students and staff alike in any way he can. We alll want to thank Dennis for his dedication to our students over the years and wish him the best.   Here are a few words that Dennis would like to share with you:   “I’m sad to bid farewell to the EC family.  I started my EC experience in LA and I’m ending it here as well. The time I spent in Boston truly pushed me forward in my professional and personal growth.  Traveling up and down the east coast was an amazing opportunity as well.  I will continue working with international students who are studying in graduate degree programs in San Francisco.  Thank you to all whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with!”   Dennis’ last day will be Thursday, January 19, 2017.

Keisuke, our intern.

Intern update from Keisuke!

And now, an intern update from Kei!   Hi, I’m in charge of blog today. I will describe about internship at EC. Although I have been at EC for about 4 months as a student service intern, I enjoy working at the front desk every day. For example, students talk to me about everything and make me happy. Sometimes I have difficulty talking in English and translating Japanese, but I think I’m getting better day by day loI can get not only English but also friends knowledge and experience.   Especially buddy program is a good example to explain my jobs. I make the presentation about it every Wednesday, it is a good practice to speak English and be confident. That’s why I thank all staff for being in charge of this important program.   In the end, I’m proud of being a member of the EC family!! Actually, I can be an intern here for just 1 more month, but I’ll do my best anyways so as not to regret something.   Thank you,   Keisuke

Rain in LA!

Los Angeles, California – city of rain???

  Los Angeles, California. A city known for fame, fortune, beautiful people and beautiful weather. A city that boasts winter temperatures of 65 degrees F and around 287 days of sun a year has now turned into a rainy wonderland! California has been suffering from almost 6 years of drought, but this winter season, we have seen record rain and snow fall!   What does this mean for you?   Rain is an uncommon site for Los Angeles, so local residents are bit confused on how to handle it. Make sure to carry an umbrella with you and always look both ways before crossing the street. Traffic may become worse as more accidents will occur due to the slick roads, so please plan extra travel time.   Is there a bright side to the rain?   The extra rain is not such a bad thing. This season, we have been able to reduce our drought to 40% of the state! This means the state’s water reserve is going up and there is more water to plant crops and to drink. What else? Did you know there are mountains near Los Angeles? The extra rainfall has brought more snow to the local mountains. Now, you can go snowboarding or skiing during the weekend in the local San Gabriel mountains – only an hour away!   Sad about the weather? Don’t be! Los Angeles will warm up again really soon.

This is our new front desk!

New Year, New School!

Over the winter vacation, EC Los Angeles staff worked hard moving the 3rd floor part of the school down to the 2nd floor. On January 3rd, we officially opened entirely on the 2nd floor! This remodel comes after months of planning and hard work, and we at EC Los Angeles are so excited to share our new space with you!   What’s new at EC Los Angeles? Melanie, our Director of Studies now has her own office. Angie, the Assistant Director of Studies, now works in the Front Office. We have opened two new unisex bathrooms near the Front Desk! This adds one more toilet then we had before. The part of the school is connected to the students lounge, and 2 more classrooms have been added to the North East side of the school. We opened up the Student Lounge and added a couch and new TV! The Activity Corner is now located in the student lounge – please sign up for activities there!   We are very excited about our new space, and we hope you will love it just as much. Please do your part in keeping our school clean! Contact us today for more information about English Language Courses in Los Angeles.         [hs_action id=”2793″]