Intern update from Keisuke!

And now, an intern update from Kei!

Keisuke, our intern.
Our intern, Keisuke, is busy at work.


Hi, I’m in charge of blog today.

I will describe about internship at EC.

Although I have been at EC for about 4 months as a student service intern, I enjoy working at the front desk every day. For example, students talk to me about everything and make me happy.

Sometimes I have difficulty talking in English and translating Japanese, but I think I’m getting better day by day loI can get not only English but also friends knowledge and experience.


Especially buddy program is a good example to explain my jobs.

I make the presentation about it every Wednesday, it is a good practice to speak English and be confident.

That’s why I thank all staff for being in charge of this important program.


In the end, I’m proud of being a member of the EC family!!

Actually, I can be an intern here for just 1 more month, but I’ll do my best anyways so as not to regret something.


Thank you,