Many students joined the clean-up!

ECLA Earth Week 2017!

Have you heard of Earth Day? Earth day falls on April 22 and is day devoted to making the earth a better place to live. Many communities will get together and hold projects such as building a park or a house, cleaning up the streets or planting trees. This year, instead of just celebrating Earth Day … Read more

Exercise at the pier!

What’s happening in LA 4/14 – 4/16

Friday Rooftop Cinema Club Time: 8:00PM Where: Ricardo Montalban Theatre, Hollywood Cost: $19 Are you a fan of movies? Head on over to the Ricardo Montalban Theatre for a movie-going experience like no other. Trade the dark, cold movie theater for and outdoor cinema with an amazing view of the city! … Read more

An example of what a drought can do!

Wednesday Word of the Day: Drought

When you move to California, you will immediately hear people using the word “drought.” What does it mean?   drought drout/ noun   Drought Definition: a prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall; a shortage of water resulting from this. synonyms: dry spell, lack of rain, shortage of wa … Read more

Flag of Brazil

Brazilian Student Spotlight – Gabriela Zanzini

Brazilian Student Spotlight   Student Name: Gabriele Zanzini Nationality: Brazilian   Why do you like choose to study with EC?   I heard about the school and asked to many friends who had already come. What do you like most about EC teachers? I’ve always heard that Americans are … Read more