A Word from Our Graduate

We believe that ECLA is the BEST place to learn English in Los Angeles, and we love to hear feedback from our students to see if they think the same is true. Recently, one of our lovely Turkish graduates left us a few words on his last day here at ECLA. See what Yigit has to say in his short testimonial below: Why did you choose to study with EC? I have heard the education system is good in EC. What do you like most about EC teachers? They are so friendly and they know how to teach English. What will be your most unforgettable memory of EC? I couldn’t choose one thing because I had a great time in EC. Would you recommend EC to a friend? Why? Yes I totally recommend to my friends because it is the best. Short and sweet! Thanks, Yigit! Are you looking for some fun and diverse English Courses in the US? Check out EC Los Angeles today!

Food Markets and Restaurants Near ECLA

Our students love to eat. Check out the recommendations below from our Student Ambassador, Shin, to see a few restaurants near ECLA! From 12:15pm~1:00pm, we have lunch time for 45 minutes. I’m always thinking about where I should go. Food markets or restaurants? As I have been here for 5 months, I want to recommend some places to you. Food Markets Awesome selection of organic products. Hot meals in buffet style with friendly staff. When you want to buy some food, I recommend that you go to Whole Foods Market. It’s really close to ECLA. It has high quality of food. It takes 3 minutes on foot. Specifically, Whole Foods sells tacos with cheap prices every Tuesday. Outside of Tuesday, they sell various types of pizza with high quality and low prices. Restaurants When you’re looking for pizza, I recommend that you go to 800 Degrees. This place is my new favorite lunch spot. I love the lunch special and I follow their Instagram because they offer a great pizza of the day special. The staff is friendly and the price is really cheap! It’s on 2nd Street. It takes 5~7 minutes on foot. So you need to hurry up!  The toppings are all presented right in front of you. Are you looking for some fun and diverse English Courses in the US? Check out EC Los Angeles today! Post edited by: Ashley Lee  

Cinco de Mayo Celebration

One of the best things about learning in a multicultural environment is that we are able to celebrate holidays from all around the world! Cinco de Mayo marks the victory of Mexico at the Battle of Puebla. This holiday is especially embraced by the Mexican-American culture, which is largely present in Los Angeles. We loved celebrating Cinco de Mayo this month with our students!  Check out a few words below from our Student Ambassador, Milena, about the event: Hi guys, I would like to tell you more about EC and its activities that every students is welcome to join. During your studies here you can attend a lot of different extra-activities after the class. First of all, there are some courses to practice the pronunciation or your speaking skills such as using the idioms and phrasal verbs. But it’s not only this, EC provides a calendar for every month with a bunch of suggested activities including sports, visit’s on the weekend or hang out activity. Friday, 5th May I attended one called Cinco de Mayo celebration. It’s a Mexican holidays, largely celebrates in California. Students went together in the Cabo Cantina bar in the Promenade (which I personally recommend for really nice cocktails and food). We spent there few hours talking and learning more about each other.  It is a really good way to meet people and starts the weekend 🙂 And don’t forget more we are in any kind of event more is fun, so let’s join it !    – Milena Photo Credit: Nadine Oertli, Student Ambassador Are you looking for some fun and diverse English Courses in the US? Check out EC Los Angeles today!

A Message from our New Student Ambassador

The Student Ambassador Program is BACK at EC Los Angeles and we could not be more excited! We have just brought on 14 amazing student leaders who are eager to meet new friends, lead activities, and create the best community possible at our school! In addition to learning English, these Student Ambassadors are gaining invaluable intercultural leadership skills! Jane comes from the French-speaking part of Switzerland, and she is already working hard to make sure students are enjoying their time here at ECLA. Here’s what she has to say about being a Student Ambassador: Hi everyone, this is Jane! As part of the brand new Student Ambassadors Crew, I would like to warmly welcome our new students (and also the students who have been here for a longer time 😉 ). Let me introduce the program to you in a few words: THIS IS AWESOME! We get the opportunity to get to know you from your first day, help you through your everyday life at school, and of course we are here to support you at any time! You have questions? Come to us, we will be more than glad to give you answers, help and some advice! Each Monday morning, we will meet you and introduce ourselves, and in the afternoon, we will meet you at Barney’s and get to know each other! Don’t be afraid to come to us at break time, ask us some questions, share your worries (about school, home-stay/apartment, places to visit…). You can totally rely on us! And one more thing… (yup, I almost forgot hahaha): WELCOME TO LOS ANGELES! You made a great choice to come here, and I hope you will enjoy your time here 🙂 ! See you very soon 😉 – Jane Thanks, Jane, for the kind words! We are happy to have you on … Read more