Sunsets in Santa Monica

Taking Time to Enjoy the Little Things Everyone needs a reminder from time to time to enjoy the little things in life. Whether you are studying at ECLA for one week or for one year, we believe that experiencing the sunsets in Santa Monica is something you must do before you leave. Student Ambassador, Luisa (Brazil), shares her perspective with us: Hi guys! It’s Luisa here ?  Today I wanted to share with you a very special moment for me, that I’ve actually been experiencing since I arrived. And to be honest, it’s not just one distinct moment. I’m from Brazil, and I live in a beach city. I love the sand on my toes, the sun on my skin, the sound of the waves and the peace that the salty water brings me. And I have loved this forever, trust me. I’ve visited beaches all over my country, and of all kinds. But still, for me it is unbelievable how amazing the beaches here can be. Sunsets in Santa Monica There is one little thing that makes being at the beach even better: the opportunity to watch the sunset. This is one experience here where it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve had it, it’s more and more breathtaking every single time. It doesn’t matter if you are laying down in the sand, or if you are walking by the pier. Seeing the sunset and at the same time being able to watch this by the beach is a unique opportunity, and this experience is, for sure, envied by a lot of people around the globe. Even those who have visited incredible places with all types of views must experience the sunset in Santa Monica at least once in their lives. It is something that should be on everyone’s … Read more

The Advantages and Drawbacks of Using a Bicycle in Santa Monica

Want some insight into using a bicycle in Santa Monica? Former Student Ambassador, Alain (Switzerland), has some advice for our students! When I arrived here in Santa Monica I asked myself what would be the best method of transportation to get from point A to point B. In the first week I mostly took the bus or an UBER to go to school or the beach but I was not that happy with this solution. Because of the horrible traffic in the city it took me hours for short distances so I decided to buy a bicycle. Why Bike? Santa Monica is a very bicycle-friendly city with a lot of bike-ways. If you live within a 5 mile radius of the school I really recommend buying a bicycle. You are not only going to arrive more quickly than with public transportation, but you are also going to have more flexibility and free time because you won’t have to worry about schedules. Furthermore, it gives you the chance to ride along the beach where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful bike-ways of the world from Santa Monica to Marina del Rey. On every bus, there is an apparatus where you can fix your bike (for free) so you can take it with you if you would like to do a sightseeing tour in Los Angeles, for example. Unfortunately, many bicycles get stolen every day in Santa Monica that’s why I suggest buying a U-lock instead of a cable lock to protect your bike as much as possible. Take also care of yourself and wear a helmet. To buy a bicycle I recommend this shop: The Recyclist Bike Shop 12446 Venice Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90066 Prices for a new bicycle are around $150 and the awesome owner of the shop … Read more

Palos Verdes – A Hidden “Treasure” in LA

Los Angeles has an endless amount of places to explore. Recently, one of our Ambassadors, Amy, explored the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Check out what she has to say about this hidden “treasure” of a city located within Los Angeles County! Hello ECLA students! I’m Amy from Korea. From now on, I will show you LA’s hidden place. When I try to relax I usually go there. It is called “Palos Verdes”. When I came to LA, I missed my family and friends who live in Korea. One time while living in LA, my friend told me, “Let’s go to my secret place” and I answered, “Why not!?”. There I saw the most beautiful views. It was my first experience in “Palos Verdes”. More specifically, the sunset was so amazing. I will never forget the views at Palos Verdes. It was very quiet there. You can hear the sound of the waves and you can see some small animals. Can you imagine that? You should try to go to “Palos Verdes” during your time in LA!! There are even caves at Palos Verdes. I’ve never been to a cave before. It is really a secret place. I haven’t found caves until now. :^D When I go to Palos Verdes, I’ll try to find the caves. If you want to go there, just tell me! Amy-! Thanks❤️ Want to study for the Cambridge English exams in Los Angeles? Contact ECLA today! Post edited by: Ashley Lee

Look at the lights of Los Angeles!

Nature in Los Angeles

Our lovely Student Ambassador, Julie, went horseback riding in the Hollywood Hills! Check out what she has to say about her experience: There is a big variety of activities in L.A. And there is definitely something for everyone. My personal favorite spots in LA are the Hollywood Hills. I love to hike with good friends up the hills and enjoy its nature and view. What amazed me the most was the horseback riding I did a few weeks ago, going along the cliffs edges, spotting a coyote, seeing the Hollywood sign and spending an amazing time with great friends. Being outside the city, on a ranch with a drove of horses, make you feel like a real cowboy/girl. Seeing the sun set and the citylights turning on is phenomenal. Although, the view is stunning at daytime, it’s worth going there in the evening, seeing the day end and nightlife awake. Another great spot is the Griffith Observatory, it takes about 30mins of hiking (or you can go there by car) once on the top, you get to see a magnificent view. Moreover, you can go into the building and learn about the planets and the universe in the planetarium. The Runyon Canyon is an almost endless, with several routes, park which you are far away from the trouble and the traffic, to see Hollywood from the top. You might even spot a celebrity walking their dog or just work out, which the park is known for. Want to study for the Cambridge English exams in Los Angeles? Contact ECLA today!

Try Yoga with ECLA!

Yoga at ECLA! A student’s perspective.

Read about past student ambassador Im’s experience at the ECLA yoga activity! HELLO:) In LA, summer is coming now. I guess soon the weather will be hot. This means we should wear thin clothes.The people are worried about the fact that summer is coming because everyone wants to show their good bodies to other people, in fact we don’t have any!Tons of people are trying to get ready for summer in myriad ways. I was also trying to work out after realizing I gained some weight in America.Playing basketball, push up, and running – there are lots of ways to make your body nice but we must face some hardship and challenges that are not overcome easily. Recently I also struggle with this situation. Exercise was getting boring and there was no motivation to do it hard, and my weight is same as before.   While I had been trying to find funny and beneficial exercise for me, I heard ECLA would have a yoga class. To be honest, I knew it would be good for me but I didn’t sign up as soon as I heard, because I hadn’t ever done that before and I knew I’m not flexible. I thought I couldn’t make it, but I was there to take the class. I still don’t know why I was there. I just followed my instinct, and it was correct. When I arrived there, There were already some mats for us and Chelsea, who was a professional yoga instructor, welcomed us. I talked to her a little bit because I wanted her to know how not flexible I am;)   We started to do yoga. I don’t know what we did and how to call gestures that we did, but I am pretty sure everyone was happy and sometime we laughed because of the funny gestures. There was no person who didn’t have a smile and the level was not … Read more