Korean BBQ in Los Angeles

Koreatown Los Angeles is one of the most beautifully diverse places in the world. In fact, we have many areas of town reflecting the different cultures that make this city great. One thing you must do while living in Los Angeles is make a trip out to Koreatown for some delicious Korean BBQ! Here at ECLA, we love to take our students out for group dinners where the food just keeps on comin’. Most Korean BBQ places are “ALL YOU CAN EAT”, so you don’t have to worry about getting your money’s worth! You will leave your dinner feeling satisfied with good food and great memories.      Student Ambassador Shares His Korean BBQ Experience Check out what our amazing Student Ambassador, Jacopo (Italy), has to say about his experience with Korean BBQ in Los Angeles: What’s upppppp guyssss?!?!?!? I am Jacopo Storti, the Italian guy also known as, ‘The Italian Stallion’!! Today, I am going to give you an interesting suggestion about something to do in LA!! Most of us come here mostly for the weather and the long, beautiful beaches. However, sometimes it is not as cool as we had first thought!! So what should we do instead?? I want to give you an idea!!! Make a group of friends and… GO TO KOREAN BBQ!!!!!!! It is located in Koreatown, obviously, and there are many different choices for the type of restaurant you can go to (all you can eat, normal restaurant, etc.).   If you do not trust me, just ask the people that have already been and you will receive the same speech that I have just written here!! B) This is my advice for this week!!!! Now, it’s up to you guys! TRY IT! You will not regret it!! 🙂 Hope you all have a great and … Read more

Beach Volleyball at ECLA

We love Volleyball! One of our favorite things to do here at ECLA is to play beach volleyball. In fact, later this afternoon, our Student Ambassadors will be leading another Sunset Volleyball activity! Why Play? Since we are located just 5 minutes walking distance from one of the best beaches in Southern California, we try to play as much as possible. Volleyball is a great sport for socializing and easy to pick up if you’ve never played before. Students of all levels are invited to play and it’s a great way to make friends, as sports tend to create an atmosphere of bonding. We have been playing a lot of volleyball this summer and will continue playing as long as it stays warm — lucky for us, Santa Monica has beautiful weather throughout most of the year! Make sure you come play with us at some point! Check out what former Student Ambassador, Valentina (Colombia), has to say: Valentina’s Beach Volleyball Experience Today we were playing different sports at the beach. We played soccer, volleyball and some people even played frisbee. It was a good opportunity to socialize with the new students and spend time doing a healthy activity. It was amazing. We had fun because everyone had the opportunity to choose which sport they wanted to play. Some people stuck to just one sport, and others played both soccer and volleyball. At the end, a lot of people went to the ocean to swim. It was a good experience for everyone and we loved it!   — Valentina Did you know you can Study Business English in Los Angeles? Contact ECLA today! Post Edited by: Ashley Lee

Student Ambassador Program at ECLA

Have you heard of the Student Ambassador Program at ECLA? This program was designed to engage students in the EC culture, build a positive school community, and provide a way for our students to gain international leadership skills. If you are interested in learning more, check out what former Student Ambassador, Jane (Switzerland), has to say below! Jane's Experience It's Réjane Seydoux's birthday today! This former Student Ambassador shares her experience with us in the video below 🙂 Happy Birthday, Jane! And thank you, Valentina Balaguera Orjuela, for the great video! Posted by EC Los Angeles on Wednesday, August 16, 2017 Hello everyone! I hope y’all are doing well at ECLA… are you??? Today, I am writing about my experience as a student ambassador for almost 2 months! I will graduate next week, and I feel like I have to share this extraordinary experience with you! So… What did I do as a Student Ambassador? I met new students every week! Every Monday, I came to the Orientation Room where I told the students a bit about myself. Then, in the afternoon, I hung out with all (or almost all!) of the new students at Barney’s (our local pub)! I had such a great time with everyone there! I really liked meeting new faces every week. And I was super excited to get students coming to me to ask me questions about the school or LA! Another thing I really, really liked was the graduation! I loved being there to congratulate the graduating students! What else did I do? Well, I had meetings with my fellow ambassadors and we discussed the activities every SA would lead while eating pizza! That’s so cool right? I also had the opportunity and the honor to meet amazing people with whom I share a common … Read more

A Creative Writing Piece: Blown by Love

Everyone needs a creative outlet. We love when our students combine their creativity with their English skills, as former Student Ambassador, Aurora, does here in her creative writing piece: Blown By Love. Blown by Love Amadeo and July met a couple of years ago at breakfast in an organic restaurant in Santa Monica. He saw her beautiful and smiling eyes and immediately fell in love. She was sitting alone drinking her orange juice and thinking about happiness, a topic that Amadeo happened to be thinking at the same time… in fact, she told us that she could feel the sensation and the energy that Amadeo transmitted to her. Amadeo was eating his cereal, but suddenly he stopped and just started to laugh of happiness, as he could feel the energy of happiness that July was also transmitting to him. Because he was looking at her, July decided to ask him with a smiling face: what are you laughing about? Can you read minds? And he answered: we are all connected by love. What is Happiness About? Happiness is the energy that flows within you, you just need to be in touch and connected with it. There are good days and bad days; the sun appears some days and disappears on others, but you can always choose to feel the sun warming up in your heart. Always smile and be grateful about everything; connect yourself with unconditional love, that fire of love that will never leave you. You will feel the force of love and its vibration running through your body always because the power is inside you, not outside. Smile, my friends, no matter what; happiness is contagious!! You will always find people to inspire; be inspired because we are all connected by the language of love. Love you all! … Read more

LA Sporting Events

If you love sports, Los Angeles is a great place to be. Joel, Student Ambassador from Switzerland, is well versed in LA sporting events, having gone to many during his time here in LA! Let’s check out what he has to say 🙂 Student Ambassador Perspective During my stay in LA, I went to a lot of sports games: basketball, ice-hockey, and soccer. Every game was amazing and so different than the games in Europe. If you have the opportunity to go to a game, you have to do it because it’s a great thing to experience. Ice-Hockey I’m a big ice-hockey fan in Switzerland and I definitely wanted to see at least 1 NHL game. I ended up going to 8 ice-hockey games by the end of my time in LA! All the games were amazing because the playing level is higher here than in Europe; they might even play at the best level in the world. I saw the Kings at the Staples Center in Downtown LA and the Ducks at the Honda Center in Anaheim. The Ducks played so well that I had the opportunity to go to playoffs (March – June) and the level was even higher than the regular season. Basketball For basketball, I saw the Clippers and the Lakers, and both games were at the Staples Center. The games were enjoyable but the atmosphere is pretty quiet. If both teams are close, the game gets interesting during the 4th quarter and then the atmosphere starts to get crazy. I would say that basketball is more appropriate if you want to share a moment with your friends and want to talk with them. Soccer For soccer, I went with some friends to a LA Galaxy game and there it was the complete opposite of basketball. The players’ levels are not as high as in Europe but the atmosphere is exciting and fans are crazy, … Read more