Lessons Learned

Living abroad is challenging, but the lessons learned can change your perspective forever. This is a beautiful piece written by one of our very own Student Ambassadors, Aurora (Italy), about the life lessons she learned while studying English in Los Angeles. Thank you, Aurora, for your wisdom and care for others.


US Culture

What I love the most about living in the USA, especially in Los Angeles, is the sensation of freedom that the environment and the culture offers me. I can be myself and I don’t feel like anybody is judging me because everybody is doing the same.

At the beginning, almost three months ago, I was afraid and I felt scared when people approached me on the street, in the supermarket, at restaurants, etc. And in general how openly and freely everyone expressed themselves. Suddenly, I started to understand that freedom is in the American air and that energy absolutely resounds with my soul. However, it is also a country where it’s easy to feel alone because everybody is too busy and disconnected, concentrated on their own world and almost forgetting about the human condition.

Balancing Freedom

In my opinion, you might be careful experiencing “freedom” in only one direction, because too much “freedom” could be dangerous as well; you can fall into the trap and become an individualistic and selfish person. You must remember “we are one whole”. I’m inviting you all to help each other and not just be available to talk, go to the parties and hang out sometimes. Supporting someone when he/she is in real need is the true challenge. “Life always gives you what you give”.

English School
Spread your wings and fly!


I want to take this opportunity and say thank you to EC and all the staff for this international experience that I’m sure I’ll share in the future with my children.

“Life is about the here and now.”



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Post Edited By: Ashley Lee