Staying Amused at the Amusement Park

While You Wait

The Los Angeles area has many great theme parksUniversal Studios, Six Flags, and Disneyland to name a few! With such fun rides and attractions at these parks, it is best to expect a wait time. Student Ambassador, Jenny (South Korea), has some great advice for those long lines and staying amused at the amusement park 🙂


Imagine that you are in an amusement park. Unfortunately, there is a long line for the attraction so you will have to wait for a long time. I’m pretty sure it’s very boring and you want to do something besides just sending texts. Well, I have a great deal for you! If you have time for reading this and have a smartphone, you won’t be bored anymore.

So here are “3 games that we can play with friends!”


(1) Kahoot

Have you heard about “Kahoot”? If you are an EC student, you might know this game.

THE RULES: “Once you’ve created your Kahoot or have chosen a public one to play, press the purple play button. Choose your advanced settings and launch the Kahoot on the screen at the front of the room. On their personal devices, players can then join by going to in their web browser, and entering the pin displayed on the screen at the front of the room. They then enter their nickname, seeing it displayed at the front. They then use their device to answer each question, with the aim to get as many points as possible and get to the top of the leaderboard. The quiz master can then download the results of the quiz, seeing what each person in the room answered for each question, and how quickly.”

(2) Taboo

Basically this is a “word guessing game“. But also it’s a team competition game. So if your teams have a strong sense of rivalry, it’ll help you to wake up.

THE RULES: “Players take turns as the “giver,” who attempts to prompt his or her teammates to guess as many keywords as possible in the allotted time. However, each card also has “taboo” (forbidden) words listed which may not be spoken. Should the giver say one, a “censor” on the opposing team hits the buzzer and the giver must move on to the next word. For example, the giver might have to get his or her team to deduce the word “baseball” without offering the words “sport,” “game,” “pastime,” “hitter,” “pitcher,” or “baseball” itself as clues. The giver may not say a part of a “taboo” word.”

(3) Heads up!

This is the best game that you can do with your friends. I’m sure time will fly when you do this. And also you will have a lot of fun!

THE RULES: “Put the back of the phone against your forehead. Decide who wants to go first, then have them put the phone against their forehead, with the face of the phone facing out so that their teammate can see the word. After a countdown, the game will begin. Putting the phone on your forehead will make sure that you can’t see the word, but that your teammate can. Tilt the phone down if you guess the word correctly. Your teammate will see the word and try to provide clues without saying the word directly. The person giving the clues should signal when you’ve gotten the word correct. Once you do, tilt the phone down so that the face of the phone points towards the floor. This will record your point. Tilt the phone up if you can’t guess the word.”

So now you have 3 games! What are you waiting for? Go download them!

ESL Student
Thanks to our Student Ambassador, Jenny (South Korea), for the wonderful advice! You rock, Jenny!

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Post Edited By: Ashley Lee