Luau Party

Long Live Summer Summertime in Los Angeles = nice weather, sunshine, and good times. Lucky for us, it seems to always be summertime in LA! It’s already the end of October, but the sun is still shining, and the weather still warm. Here, Student Ambassador Yilmaz (Turkey) reflects on one of our best summer parties this year — EC’s Annual Luau at the beach! Since it’s still warm out, you can check out the beach we went to as well! Mother’s Beach in Marina del Rey is a great spot for hanging out with your friends, having a barbecue, and playing sports in the sand. Hawaiian Food & Fun “On August 25th, I went to the Luau Party with the school. I didn’t eat but I regretted that because most of my friends told me that the food was really good. The event was held at Mother’s Beach so I discovered a new place to hang out and have barbecue with my friends. After people ate their meals, we started to play volleyball and it was brilliant. People got to know each other while the game was going on, we made jokes and shared roles as a team, which provided us an outlet to express ourselves. It was a really fun activity and we all had a great time!” — Yilmaz, Student Ambassador (Turkey) Find out more about EC’s LA English Courses Post Edited By: Ashley Lee

Melrose Trading Post

Our students love the Melrose area — art, food, markets… you can enjoy it all in the beautiful Los Angeles sunshine! Check out what Student Ambassador Tommaso (Italy) has to say about this unique and ecclectic part of town: Hey guys! It’s Tommaso from Italy. Things to Do: Melrose If you’re planning to come to LA, make sure to spend an afternoon going around Melrose. There are breathtaking masterpieces filling the walls everywhere you look! And these are great for taking pictures. You won’t be disappointed, especially if you’re into art and trying new food!  Vintage Market In this article I wanted to tell you guys more about the Melrose & Fairfax Flea market. Known also as Melrose Trading Post, this market is consistently listed as a top Los Angeles destination stop by numerous tourist websites and featured in publications and media all over the world. Between 4000 to 5000 people visit the Melrose Trading Post every Sunday. You can easily find this market by typing on Google Maps “Fairfax High School”. The entrance fee is $3 which goes to support Fairfax High School. If you’re into vintage items or looking for something that gives off that “LA Vibe” this would be the spot. There’s a variety of “hipster” vendors selling an array of items ranging from succulents, antique furniture, wall decor, handmade jewelry, and clothes. The items are a little pricey but it’s a great place to find some vintage gems.  There is also a great food court with the best Mexican food in the area if you are hungry! And…… keep your eyes open. This is one of the main hotspots if you wanna look for celebrities.    — Tommaso, Student Ambassador (Italy) Find out more about EC’s EC Los Angeles Toefl Courses Post Edited By: Ashley Lee

Las Vegas – Greatest Trip Ever!

Just a Few Hours Away Believe it or not, Las Vegas is just a few hours from Los Angeles by car! Many of our students take weekend trips to Vegas.. some students even go multiple times during while studying English in Los Angeles! Check out what former Student Ambassador, Christian (Switzerland), has to say about his Las Vegas experience: Weekend Trip EC Los Angeles offers many cool activities and trips to a number of cities. One of them is Las Vegas! My friends and I decided to go there for a fun party weekend. My expectations were high, but in the end it was even better that I had expected! Off to a Good Start Our trip started on Friday morning, when our nice, spacious bus picked us up a Santa Monica Beach. After a quick stop at the famous Las Vegas Sign, he dropped us off at the Luxor, where we were staying for the weekend. Quickly and excitedly, everyone got dressed up and prepared to dive into the crazy nightlife of Las Vegas. The Weekend Continues That night, we enjoyed ourselves in the LIGHT club and some of us even won some money in the casino! The next morning, we were already going to the next party. We spent our afternoon at a really cool day party under the hot sun. In the evening, we wandered through the famous Las Vegas Strip and had a lovely dinner together. Last, but not least, we went to a night pool party at ENCORE with DJ Chuckie! That was definitely the highlight of the whole trip — it was a blast! On Sunday, our bus driver brought us home quickly and safely. A Trip to Remember All in all, it was one of the greatest and most fun weekends I have … Read more

Korean BBQ in Los Angeles: Part II

The KBBQ Experience Here at ECLA, we love Korean BBQ. With Koreatown just a bus ride away from Santa Monica, students can easily take part in the KBBQ experience. In fact, ECLA will be taking the students out to Korean BBQ this week as one of our monthly social activities! Student Ambassador, Oriol (Spain), shares how much he loves KBBQ below: Most Popular BBQ in LA This past weekend I decided to go to Koreatown and try one of the most popular barbecues in Los Angeles, and that’s the Korean BBQ. Before going there, I didn’t know what to expect and started to ask some questions like: am I going to like it? What kind of food are they going to have? So we went to a restaurant named Hae Jang Chong and it was one of the greatest experiences in a restaurant. The food was absolutely delicious, and you have a great variety of food; you can have beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, squid or even octopus. There’s a pan in the middle of the table and you cook your own food. And the good thing is you pay one set price and you can eat as much as you want! It was an incredible experience and I will definitely go back to this restaurant. I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t tried this type of barbecue to try it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! — Oriol (Student Ambassador, Spain) Find out more about EC’s LA English Courses Post Edited By: Ashley Lee

EC Los Angeles Hurricane Relief Efforts

A Way to Help As many of you have now heard, the US and surrounding areas have experienced a few devastating natural disasters in recent times. As a way to help the innocent lives affected by these events, ECLA held an event to raise donations and awareness. Many students jumped on board, and we had an especially passionate Student Ambassador, Yael (Switzerland), who shares her experience below: Thousands Affected There have been many natural disasters recently, including some terrible hurricanes. Several houses were destroyed, leaving people with nothing more than the ruins of their homes. My heart aches seeing and hearing about this devastating natural power destroying the lives of thousands of innocent locals. Not being able to prevent these disasters is terrible, and that’s why ECLA decided to organize a hurricane relief lunch. We were able to collect some money to donate to the victims of the recent hurricanes Harvey and Irma. International Potluck The concept was, that every participant had to donate at least $3 and bring some typical food of his or her country for the lunch. This way, the students could support a good cause and also spend some time with other students learning more about their cultures. The students really liked the idea and we gathered many meals from different countries all over the world. Everyone enjoyed the food and each other’s company and it was a lovely get-together. But moreover we were able to collect $120+, which will be completely donated to those who lost everything and need the help of all of us right now. Find out more about EC’s LA English Courses Post Edited By: Ashley Lee