Las Vegas – Greatest Trip Ever!

Just a Few Hours Away

Believe it or not, Las Vegas is just a few hours from Los Angeles by car! Many of our students take weekend trips to Vegas.. some students even go multiple times during while studying English in Los Angeles! Check out what former Student Ambassador, Christian (Switzerland), has to say about his Las Vegas experience:

Weekend Trip

EC Los Angeles offers many cool activities and trips to a number of cities. One of them is Las Vegas! My friends and I decided to go there for a fun party weekend. My expectations were high, but in the end it was even better that I had expected!

ECLA students participate in a fun weekend trip to Las Vegas! These trips happen throughout the year!

Off to a Good Start

Our trip started on Friday morning, when our nice, spacious bus picked us up a Santa Monica Beach. After a quick stop at the famous Las Vegas Sign, he dropped us off at the Luxor, where we were staying for the weekend. Quickly and excitedly, everyone got dressed up and prepared to dive into the crazy nightlife of Las Vegas.

The Weekend Continues

That night, we enjoyed ourselves in the LIGHT club and some of us even won some money in the casino! The next morning, we were already going to the next party. We spent our afternoon at a really cool day party under the hot sun. In the evening, we wandered through the famous Las Vegas Strip and had a lovely dinner together. Last, but not least, we went to a night pool party at ENCORE with DJ Chuckie! That was definitely the highlight of the whole trip — it was a blast! On Sunday, our bus driver brought us home quickly and safely.

A Trip to Remember

All in all, it was one of the greatest and most fun weekends I have ever had! I want to thank EC and my lovely friends for the awesome trip, and recommend that everyone go there if you enjoy having fun.

— Christian, Student Ambassador (Switzerland)

Thanks, Christian, for the great advice!

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Post Edited By: Ashley Lee