Welcome to the Team, So!

Our Newest Member Here at ECLA, we LOVE our interns! We would like to formally introduce the EC world to our newest intern: So! We are thrilled to have So (aka “Sam”) as a part of our team, and we have loved getting to know him over the past few weeks. He has a great attitude, is a hard worker, and already has secret handshakes with some of our students! Everyone, Meet So: Hi, I’m So. I’m from Japan. I was born in Osaka and grew up in Tokyo. I came to LA to work as an intern about 4 weeks ago. So far I feel like LA is a great city to live in because there are a lot of shopping stores, good restaurants, and beautiful nature, especially beaches. I studied abroad at Northern Arizona University, which is located in Flagstaff. Flagstaff is really close to the Grand Canyon, so there is amazing nature in that area. Also, there are 4 full seasons, even though Flagstaff is located in Arizona. Compared to LA, there is nothing except nature in Flagstaff, but I had a great experience there. My favorite things to do include playing sports (especially American football!), drawing pictures, listening to music and hanging out with friends. In LA, I usually explore the city to look for good restaurants, work out, and go shopping on the weekends. I am so lucky to be able to work at EC Los Angeles! Thanks for all your hard work so far, So! We will do our best to avoid starting our sentences with “Soooo…”, so that we don’t confuse you 😉 Find out more about ESL Courses at EC Los Angeles Post Edited By: Ashley Lee

Thanksgiving in the US

We love that we get to celebrate US holidays with our students! Last week, ECLA hosted a Thanksgiving Potluck FEAST — turkey, friends, food and fun! Here, Student Ambassador Jacqi (Germany) tells us all about it! Expressing Gratitude Thanksgiving is one of the most popular annual holidays here in the US which always takes place on the fourth Thursday in November. With this day the Holiday Season begins. But why do Americans celebrate this certain day every year? In general, Americans come together and praise all the things for which they are thankful. This essentially means that you get together with your whole family and before you start eating, you have to say at least one thing for which you are grateful. Afterwards, you can enjoy the food, the drinks and watch American football. As almost everyone of us decided to go abroad on our own, most students decided to celebrate instead with their friends. EC Thanksgiving FEAST! To give everyone the possibility to experience this well-known holiday at least once, we organized a Potluck on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. Nearly every student went to the supermarket, cooked or baked to bring some delicious food to school. In the pictures here you can see that the line for the Potluck was incredibly long. This also demonstrates the success of this event. We had a big variety of food, such as the traditional turkey (which the school provided, among some other things) and many different sides: rice, vegetables, salad, sauces and bread. Additionally, there was a great amount of different pies, cookies and other sweets.   Friendsgiving In addition, most of the students (including myself), planned a Friendsgiving on 11/23/2017. Friendsgiving is basically the same thing as Thanksgiving. The only difference is that everyone brings some food or some drinks to … Read more

Premiere of Geostorm (with Gerard Butler!)

Los Angeles is home to HOLLYWOOD. With so many famous people living in this city, many of our students are lucky enough to meet celebrities at restaurants, in the streets, or even at MOVIE PREMIERES! Here, Student Ambassador Severine (Switzerland), talks about her Red Carpet experience and seeing Gerard Butler on Hollywood Blvd! How to Get Free Tickets If you ever have the chance to go to LA, don’t miss out on getting free tickets for a premiere or for late night shows. There is always a good chance that you will meet a famous person! It’s very easy to get free tickets — just go to the website, make an account, choose your favorite TV-show and with luck, you should be able to get tickets. The website is: https://1iota.com. That’s how we were able to get tickets to a premiere at the famous Chinese Theater! My lovely friend tried to get some tickets for a late night show, the premiere, and/or Geostorm, and she actually got some!!!! Dress-code Now, after you’ve received your tickets, make sure that you and your companion check-in as soon as possible. Otherwise, they could choose other people waiting in line. Once checked in, your tickets are now safely secured and you can input/upload to your cellphone, or print them in school… just ask at the front desk. Make sure that you read all the details of the rules and the dress code; they are really strict. We needed to wear a cocktail dress, skirt or pant suit in dark colors, just a small purse, and most importantly, NO BRANDS! Well, I didn’t bring a black cocktail dress with me, but fortunately my friend had a second dress that I could wear for the evening. She was my hero for this evening. We decided to go directly to the premiere after … Read more

Skydiving in Los Angeles

While experiencing the unique and rewarding experience of living abroad, some of our students decide to fulfill another Bucket-List item: skydiving! Student Ambassador, Christian (Switzerland), shares his amazing journey with us below! Before You Go “In Los Angeles, you can do a lot of different fun activities with your friends. For this week, my friends and I picked a really special one – we went skydiving! In this blog, I want to tell you how my experience was and what you should think of before jumping out of an airplane from 12,500 feet above the ground. Skydiving School First of all, we had to decide which skydiving school we should pick. After some research, we came to the conclusion that Perris Skydiving Company (no advertisement!) was the best option considering what we were looking for. It is located not too far from Los Angeles, has great reviews and is not too expensive. It’s about a one-and-a-half-hour drive from EC Los Angeles, so I would recommend that you rent a cheap car for that day to get out there. Right now, they have a summer special, which means you only pay $179 for one Tandem Skydive from 12,500 feet. If you would like, you can also pay an additional fee of about $80 for somebody to record your whole jump. Be Prepared My advice for you is that you should go there early no matter what time you are signed up for your jump. Out there the weather can change all the time. If the weather is bad, they will place you on a waiting list. So, the earlier you get there the more likely you will jump out of an airplane that day. If bad weather conditions are not changing at all, they will give you a full refund. Just prepare … Read more

Hollywood Sign Hike How-To

A Famous Landmark One of the most recognizable signs in the world is located right in the heart of our city — the Hollywood sign! Student Ambassador, Yaël (Switzerland), gives us some advice for the hike up to this awesome landmark! “During my first week, my friends and I decided to hike to the Hollywood sign to watch the sunset. My flatmate told me about a secret trail that leads to the back of the sign and recommended the following Youtube video, which gives detailed directions on how to get there: https://youtu.be/rYOwV1CI9_g After taking screenshots of the directions (there is no service in the Hollywood Hills) and packing some snacks and water, we ordered an Uber around 16:30pm. We chose Lake Hollywood Park as the destination so that we could take some pictures in front of the sign first. During that time of the day there is usually a lot of traffic which we already calculated, so we arrived as planned at 17:30pm. Front of the Sign After taking some pictures at the first platform we started our tour through the small village of Beachwood Canyon to the second and closer platform in front of the sign. It took us about one hour and we passed many exclusive-looking and well-protected villas which probably belong to some famous celebrities. The view from the second platform was even better than the first. You not only have a perfect view of the sign but can actually see the whole city of Los Angeles from there. Back of the Sign After a short break and many photos we started the actual hike to the back of the sign. The trail is not very steep but you have an amazing view during the whole ascent. After another 40 exhausting minutes we finally reached the top of … Read more

Halloween: Switzerland vs. USA

Pumpkins, Costumes, & Festivities Getting to partake in the holidays of another country is always a fun experience. In this post, Student Ambassador, Kim (Switzerland), explains the differences between Halloween celebrations in Switzerland vs. in the US! Halloween day is only once per year and it is such a fun day. Each country has its own traditions for Halloween. All of the EC students were really excited to have a successful American Halloween. Here, I’m going to explain the differences between the Halloween experience of Switzerland and the USA. Halloween: Swiss-Style First of all, I have enjoyed celebrating Halloween since I was a child. I love dressing up with a costume or even just with make-up. In my region in Switzerland, unfortunately we don’t have any parades or stuff like that. Instead, we usually have a house party where we can dress up all together, eat and after that go by public transportation to a night club. Some nightclubs have free entry if we have make up or a costume.   Halloween: EC-Style I had the opportunity to be in Los Angeles for Halloween and actually, I was really eager to see how amazing it would be since it’s such a big deal for American people. I wasn’t disappointed at all. EC Los Angeles organized a pumpkin-carving competition where my FCE (Cambridge) class had a lot of fun creating our “Cruel Minion”. We also had a Costume Contest and 3 people won a prize. I appreciated the fact that a lot of students came to school with at least an accessory. Halloween: West Hollywood-Style During the night we went out with my friends in West Hollywood. There was a really huge parade where we could dance, drink, see crazy costumes and just have a good time. I was really fascinated to see the creative … Read more