Premiere of Geostorm (with Gerard Butler!)

Los Angeles is home to HOLLYWOOD. With so many famous people living in this city, many of our students are lucky enough to meet celebrities at restaurants, in the streets, or even at MOVIE PREMIERES! Here, Student Ambassador Severine (Switzerland), talks about her Red Carpet experience and seeing Gerard Butler on Hollywood Blvd!

How to Get Free Tickets

If you ever have the chance to go to LA, don’t miss out on getting free tickets for a premiere or for late night shows. There is always a good chance that you will meet a famous person!

It’s very easy to get free tickets — just go to the website, make an account, choose your favorite TV-show and with luck, you should be able to get tickets. The website is: That’s how we were able to get tickets to a premiere at the famous Chinese Theater! My lovely friend tried to get some tickets for a late night show, the premiere, and/or Geostorm, and she actually got some!!!!



Now, after you’ve received your tickets, make sure that you and your companion check-in as soon as possible. Otherwise, they could choose other people waiting in line. Once checked in, your tickets are now safely secured and you can input/upload to your cellphone, or print them in school… just ask at the front desk. Make sure that you read all the details of the rules and the dress code; they are really strict. We needed to wear a cocktail dress, skirt or pant suit in dark colors, just a small purse, and most importantly, NO BRANDS!

Well, I didn’t bring a black cocktail dress with me, but fortunately my friend had a second dress that I could wear for the evening. She was my hero for this evening. We decided to go directly to the premiere after school. Good fortune was running hot… on the way to my apartment, she got a message that we were upgraded. What a lucky evening!

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Don’t Forget the Traffic…

Please make sure you have enough time to get there. The line is often very long and don’t forget the traffic. We spent one hour in the car for a ride that should have only lasted about 30 minutes. The traffic in the evening is terrible around Hollywood/Los Angeles.

After we waited 20 minutes in the line, we were finally able to enter into the Chinese Theater close to the Walk of Fame. The popcorn and soft drinks were FREE! We hadn’t had dinner at all, so we both took two bags of popcorn. The movie was very good and we enjoyed our premiere. After the movie, we were able to see Gerard Butler, but there were so many other fans who also wanted to get as close to him as we did. But we did successfully see Gerard Butler, and I was able to take some pictures as you can see. This has been my most memorable highlight in LA so far.


My advice for you is to create your account right now and sign up for the “offers” NOW!

— Severine, Student Ambassador (Switzerland)

Thank you, Sevi, for this awesome advice!

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Post Edited By: Ashley Lee