Student’s Experience at ECLA: “Every moment in LA is unforgettable!!!”

One of our past students from Japan, Shunsuke Tooyama, shared his great experience as an EC student. He started at the Elementary level, and ended in Advanced/Proficiency in less than 1 year – what an incredible accomplishment he was able to achieve!


What was your experience like when you first arrived in LA? How did things change throughout your time here?

“I was so nervous and scared a little bit when I arrived in LA because I didn’t have any confidence in my English skills and couldn’t speak English well. For example, I couldn’t order what I wanted to eat in a restaurant. However, I was inspired by the students in EC who tried to talk with foreign people. As time went by, I had become to like speaking before I was aware of that. Eventually, I managed to move up to advance class!!!!!”


What led to your success? Any specific study habits or life skills?

“I have a dream that is to be an English teacher in Japan. I tried not to forget it during my study abroad. I sometimes studied on my own after school or weekend. When I didn’t feel doing that, I usually hung out with my friends.”


What was your favorite thing about the EC teaching method? Your favorite thing about ECLA in general?

“EC has 8 level classes. It’s very comfortable and important for students I think. In addition to it, EC has elective classes that we can choose what we want to study like grammar, vocabulary, talking, listening etc…. I really liked it. Furthermore, most of the students like the location of EC!!!


What is your favorite memory of your time in LA?

“I can’t choose. Every moment in LA is unforgettable!!! I mean I enjoyed every day. If I have to decide, I will choose my summer memory that I went to a beach a lot with my friends and one day I went sailing with my host family. I will never forget these days.”

Los Angeles
Shunsuke sailing with his host family
Los Angeles Beach
Beach volleyball with his classmates and teacher


What is something that you would like to tell future students of EC Los Angeles?

“There are a lot of students who are from other countries in EC. Now I have a lot of foreign friends. Actually, some of the teachers in EC are like my friends. Definitely you can get a lot of foreign friends. In my opinion, everyone has different ways to let your English skills improve. You should try to find out, and please don’t forget your goals and give up your dream. I hope you have very beautiful study abroad in ECLA!!!!!”


Upper Upper intermediate class in EC LA
Shunsuke with his classmates

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